As Eyelash Artists, we spend our time making our clients feel relaxed and beautiful, but lashing can take its toll on our bodies, especially if you’re lashing full time. While one day of improper body care may not have a lasting effect, it’s the continuous and daily repetition that can wreak havoc on our bodies. You don’t want to end up having to retire early due to irreparable damage you’ve done!

So what can you do?


Neck and Back

Sometimes being mindful of your posture isn’t enough. We always want to make sure we’re sitting upright and straight in our chairs with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Also make sure to bend and move from your hips, careful to not hunch over.

            -Adjust your table and chairs to appropriate heights that don’t cause you to strain

            -If your table is too high for clients, provide a stepstool for them.

            -Invest in a back support brace to monitor your posture and keep you straight

-make sure your clients are laying far back enough that you’re not straining.


Hands and wrists


We can very quickly develop tendonitis, arthritis, etc from the constant strain on our fingers and wrists.

-Make sure you’re stretching regularly in between each client!

-Make sure you’re using the proper tools. The right pair of tweezers isn’t tough on the hands. It’s easy to use and doesn’t strain your fingers.



Our eyes are our biggest tools in lashing. We can’t forget about them!

-Not using a pair of magnifying loupes/glasses or a magnifying lamp is a quick way to destroy your vision. The constant up-close work puts a lot of strain on the eyes.

-Make sure to look up and away from your lash work frequently and focus on something in the distance. Changing your focus will help “stretch,” your eyes and keep them from atrophying.

- Make sure to get regular vision checkups as well.



Glue fumes can often be very strong and can affect our health. While the small exposure our clients get isn't going to do any damage, our daily repeat exposure can cause respiratory problems, and even flu-like symptoms!

-Always wear a carbon filter mask or a respirator

-Have appropriate ventilation and airflow in your room


Your health is absolutely imperative. Investing in regular Chiropractic and massage is not just an indulgence. With Dr. referral, you can write off any treatments you receive such as therapeutic massage! Take care of yourselves, Lashies!



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