Please watch your baby's feeding cues to help you to decide which size. We recommend getting more than one size. The following is a guide only - because babies are individuals:


Newborn Feeding Kit

EXTRA0+ Extra Slow, 2 Teat Pack

0 - 1 MONTH

Newborn Feeding Kit

EXTRA1+ Slow Flow, 2 Teat Pack


Newborn Feeding Kit EXTRA3+ Medium, 2 Teat Pack


3 Months+ Feeding Kit

EXTRA3+ Medium, 2 Teat Pack1+ Slow 2-teat pack


3 Months+ Feeding Kit

EXTRA3+ Medium, 2 Teat Pack


3 Months+ Feeding Kit

EXTRA6 Months+ Feeding Kit EXTRA


6 Months+ Feeding Kit EXTRA

3+ Medium, 2 Teat Pack

6+ Fast Flow, 2 Teat Pack


6 Months+ Feeding Kit EXTRA9+ Advanced Flow, 2 Teat Pack


6 Months+ Feeding Kit EXTRA

9+ Advanced Flow, 2 Teat Pack

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We passionately believe in supporting the mother-baby breastfeeding bond. To help you we have created the Minbie:

· Protects a baby's natural instinctive breastfeeding technique - use Minbie first and only to avoid the harm to breastfeeding that generic nipples can quickly cause

· Encourages a proper, comfortable, anti-mastitis breastfeeding-latch

· Supports natural breastfeeding - requiring a baby to work at the feed with Minbie's anti-colic & anti-reflux instinctive breastfeeding-motion

· Minbie is made of premium-quality, German sourced, soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone

· Minbie is breakthrough, unique, patented, multiple design award-winning and loved by a growing number of mothers - the instructions need to be followed.

Use Minbie first and only when bottle-feeding to protect your baby's precious, natural, instinctive breastfeeding latch & motion. Generic teats train babies to feed differently and can quickly harm a baby's ability to breastfeed, resulting in the bottle taking-over.

Premium-quality soft, flexible, BPA-free silicone sourced from Germany

Superior anti-colic & anti-reflux bottle system.

· Creates easy latch-on reducing air intake

· Supports milk digestion

· Floats air away from the milk

The air-vent is up the top.

Please follow the instructions that come with the Minbie packs to help you to use the Minbie correctly. Contact if you have any questions.

Minbie provides a high quality feeding experience that nurtures the baby's feeding stage. Minbie supports proper suckling development of the jaw-complex and digestion.

The Minbie is compatible with a number of standard wide-neck baby bottles (49.5 - 50.5mm outer neck diameter). The Minbie does not fit narrow-neck bottles or very wide bottles. We cannot guarantee a fit with other brands, and therefore recommend the use of the Minbie bottles: 210ml, 270ml BPA-free PP (polypropylene) bottle or 180ml glass bottle with silicone outer sleeve.

The Minbie is made of premium-quality soft flexible silicone, it is important to follow the instructions so that you get the best use of the product and know how to prevent leaks.

If you change your mind you can cancel your order providing it has not been fulfilled. Contact as soon as possible. Include your name, the order number, the country in which you placed your order and the email that you put in the order. Orders are shipped Monday - Friday.

If your order has been shipped, you can return the products for a refund providing they are still in the unopened shipping satchel or shipping box. Write Return to Sender over your address and post it back within 2 weeks of receiving your order. Also, confirm by email to The shipping costs will be deducted from the refund.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact so that the Minbie team can assist.

Customers report that the Minbie lasts very well when they follow the instructions for cleaning and use. It is a requirement that babies teats should be replaced every 3 months or sooner. If there is any sign of weakness or tearing, dispose of the teat immediately and reorder.

We ship to New Zealand and Singapore from our Sydney warehouses. To calculate shipping costs, add your items to cart, enter in your address and our shipping' calculator will tell you the exact amount to your door.

· We recommend Minbie as the first and only bottle-teat for premature, full-term and older babies, so as to protect your baby's natural, instinctive breastfeeding technique

· Breastfeed if possible for the first 6 months+For breastfeeding mothers who need to go back to work - Minbie's familiar breastfeeding-latch & motion has helped a lot of breastfed babies to accept a bottle

· For weaning, Minbie has helped many older breastfed babies to accept a bottle and begin to feed independently.

Due to the demand for our current stock we are not offering samples.

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