What Does Your Brand As A Lash Artist Say About You?

Branding yourself may be the most important tool for success when marketing yourself as a Lash artist. What does your brand say about you? Does it give the impression that you are an in-demand, highly skilled individual? Does it exude class and refinement?

Put Your Best Self Forward

Talent, attention to detail, and passion are all necessary traits in the lash world, so your self- branding should reflect that about you and your work. After all, you have to have the skill to back it up! Things like portfolio pictures make a world of difference and showcase who you are as an artist and what you have to offer.

Social media, social media, social media!

We live in a digital age where nearly everyone is connected to the Internet in some way. Networking on social media is your best friend. How are you spreading your brand? Are you using social media outlets to your advantage? Outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are vital tools in selling yourself.

Are you spreading your brand in an easily digestible way?

You want to create a brand that not only makes a name for yourself in the immediate industry, but one that reaches to clients as well. Think about your audience and how you can appeal to not only the professionals in your field, but also to current and potential clients.

How often are you promoting your brand and are you staying consistent with your approach?

  • People like a source of information that they can rely on. Plan out a schedule on wheat and when you are going to post portfolio work, deals and promotions and other information. Make sure to stay on a schedule that clients can count on.

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