Speed is money in the eyelash extension industry. We also, however, don’t want to rush, causing quality of work to suffer. Even cutting 15 minutes off of your sets and fills can give you another entire appointment slot in a day! So what can you do to increase your speed without letting your skill suffer.


Find a Position That works for you.

Find a comfortable sitting position to work from. We recommend working from your client’s forehead, placing the lashes on a headband. This is the closest you can get reducing the time that it takes to bring the lash from the strip, to the glue, to the natural lash.



Glue Rings

While Jade Stones have their use and benefits, glue rings eliminate the need to move to the side of your client’s head to dip your lash, reducing the time the lash is exposed to the air. (Causing premature drying). They also reduce your cleanup and breakdown time if you’re not having to remove glue from the stone and sterilize it. The glue rings are inexpensive and disposable!






Fast Dry Glue

Using an Adhesive that dries on contact is the fastest way to increase your lashing time, but it also takes an experienced hand as there isn’t room for error. If your lash doesn’t have to wait several seconds to dry, then you can move to the next lash immediately!


Practice, Practice, Practice!

Nothing works better for increasing your efficiency than constant practice. Always be looking for ways to improve yourself and never settle! Use each client as an opportunity to improve and make yourself a better lash rockstar!


Happy Lashing!!

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