What to look for when searching for Eyelash Extension Training programs:

Lash Blvd Eyelash Extensions Training School made the recent announcement that we are now officially approved by the Colorado state Department of Higher Education’s Division of Occupational Schools. This is such exciting news, but what does it mean?  The State DPOS regulates occupational schools—an entity that charges tuition for post-secondary education and training. The DPOS ensure that a school registered through them meets the State’s strict standards for sanitation, health and education. This is so important because it ensures an industry standard in education and that you are receiving the highest quality possible education available. This also means that Lash Blvd Eyelash Extensions online trainings are also registered under this jurisdiction and anyone having received the training through Lash Blvd already, or those who were considering can rest assured knowing that they’re receiving the best of the best!


So what should you consider when looking for an eyelash extension training certification?


State laws:


The first thing to always check is your State’s regulations for eyelash extensions. Most require either a Cosmetology license or an Esthetician’s license, but some do not. We always recommend reviewing your state department of regulatory agency’s policies before investing in a certification course. You don’t want to end up paying for a certification that you can’t use!



Is you Eyelash Extensions school registered?



The best option when looking for a school is verifying that they are registered with their State DPOS. The process for a school getting approved is long and difficult. A school or training facility must meet every standard of health and sanitation as well as have an approved curriculum that provides students with a thorough education. It is actually required by most States that a school be registered under them and training facilities not registered are operating outside of the law!



What are you getting?


Does the school provide an eyelash extensions kit? Does that kit contain enough supplies to take on new clients and learn? What supplies do they use?

At Lash Blvd, we have our own brand of supplies. Our kits are supplied with our own products that we use for services when we’re not training the new Lash Geniuses! Every in-state live training includes a full kit to supply every new trainee with enough lashes, glue and tools to last them several months of lashing. Some schools and training classes use supplies from other companies. This is perfectly acceptable, just make sure to ask them what supplies they use. A little research never hurts as there can be huge differences in quality from company to company.


Do it for yourself!



Becoming a certified eyelash extension artist is an incredible opportunity to take your career to the next level. Make sure that you invest in yourself and that investment is backed up and guaranteed to be the best available.




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