Classic Eyelash Extensions: Simple Ways to Improve Your Isolation Skills and Create Wow Results



Isolation allows eyelash applications to look sleek and chic, but it’s often the hardest skill to pick up when learning to apply eyelash extensions. This is why many lash training programs require that students get certified in Classic eyelash extensions first, as this is where the concept of isolation is introduced. The basic technique of isolation should be mastered before attempting more in-depth tactics, such as creating and applying Volume fans, and getting it down takes some serious time and practice. If you’re struggling to create those full, glamorous eyelashes that truly turn heads, don’t worry! The following advice should help polish up your skills so that you can wow your clients.



Use the Right Tools


Having the best tools for the job plays a huge part in your success, so seeking out the most inexpensive options won’t do you any favors in the long run. For example, flimsy, cheap tweezers might save you a few dollars, but they won’t allow you to have a solid grasp on your extensions, making it extremely difficult to isolate properly. Always research what products have the best reviews, and invest in the best eyelash extension supplies on the market.

Also, it’s important to work with tools that match your experience level; if you’re not great at isolation yet, don’t use an adhesive that dries immediately, as doing so won’t allow you any time to reposition the extensions.



Involve Yourself With the Eyelash Community



You’re not in this industry alone, so don’t be afraid to get involved and ask questions. There are many Facebook groups and forums where lash stylists can reach out to each other, offer advice, share unique tips, etc. If you seek out advice on improving your isolation, many stylists will reply with their own strategies and personal experiences on how they became pros. You might just find the solution that works best for you!


Practice On As Many Live Models As You Can


Practicing on mannequins is a great way to learn the basics of how to isolate eyelashes and apply extensions, but working with a live model is much more complex. For instance, real people’s eyes twitch and move around, and their natural eyelashes also come in many different sizes. The more live models you can practice on, the more second nature isolation will become. Practice applying extensions to family, friends, co-workers, and consider placing ads on Craigslist offering a free application in exchange for someone letting you practice on their eyelashes.  


Make Sure the Adhesive Is Dry Before Continuing to Apply


One of the major reasons why eyelashes stick and clump together during an application is because the adhesive doesn’t fully dry and the extension doesn’t have enough time to firmly bond with the isolated eyelash. To avoid a hot mess from occurring, always hold the extension in place after it has been adhered to the natural lash for a few seconds before releasing it from the tweezer’s grip.

To further ensure that the glue has set and that the eyelashes won’t bind together, it helps to go back and forth between the eyes, meaning you’ll apply an extension onto an isolated eyelash on the right eye and then move onto one on the left.


Don’t Rush Your Progress


At the end of the day, it’s important not to force your progress. As long as you are practicing consistently, using the best tools in the industry, and utilizing your resources effectively, you’ll be an isolation superstar in no time! If you want more extensive advice on applying Classic eyelash extensions, Volume Lashes, or brow extensions, our Lash Like a Pro online training course has everything you need to succeed!



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