To Gel or not to Gel, the proper ways to remove Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash Removal Techniques

You’re going to run into eyelash extension removal at some point in your lash career. If you’re doing in-fills, if you’re taking new clients from other lash technicians, or even if your client has a reaction to their lashes or just wants them off. There are a few methods of removal, but we have to figure out which is best for the situation.



-First: always tape your client’s lashes down as you would with any other lash procedure whether or not you are doing a fill or a complete removal. This protects the delicate bottom lashes.



Eyelash Extensions Gel Remover:

Gel remover is powerful and slips easily to other lashes. We only recommend using it if you plan on removing every extension. Apply the gel at the base of the lashes carefully avoiding the skin. Waiting a few moments, gently brush the lashes off the natural lash in out outward motion using your soft makeup brush you use to cleanse with. This ensures you don’t pull or tug the client’s natural lash. Sometimes it takes a few swipes but most of them should slide off with ease. Finish by thoroughly cleansing your client’s lashes to remove all traces of the remover.


If the client is doing a full removal, say from a set they got from another technician, make sure to use new gel- pads and tape if you are going to apply a new full set. This ensures that any of that potent remover stays off of the lashes and keeps your retention strong.



Banana Peel Method:



We recommend this method for removing grown-out lashes during fills. You should always be removing the lashes that have grown out between fills. Firmly, but carefully grip the client’s natural lash in your tweezers, careful to not pull on them. using your other tweezers, peel the natural lash away from the extension. You can also grip the extension and peel the natural lash away, again, being careful to not yank on your client.



-Quick tip: Remember! The “swiping” method of applying glue to the entire natural lash and then placing the extension can cause the glue to polymerize and cure too quickly, it also creates inflexibility and brittleness of the lash. For better retention, stick to a small amount of glue at the base of your extension applied to the base of the natural lash. This makes the banana peel method extra simple!


The “Pinch” method:

This method is best used for volume fans. Because the fans wrap around the base of the clients natural lash, a quick pinch of the base should break the bond enough that the fan should slide right off! Remember to hold the client’s natural lash, again, firmly but carefully while you do this to prevent tugging.

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