Spring is the first round of seasonal hair loss in the year, coming before Fall.        

     Unfortunately it usually is worse in the Spring as our bodies prepare for the coming warmth and lack of humidity. This increased hair loss doesn’t just happen to our lashes, but the hairs on our head as well. The body also will increase its oil production to prepare for the seasonal change to keep the hair and skin hydrated. If you start noticing your clients’ retention suffering more than usual, this might be due to the seasonal shedding season. There isn’t a much you can do other than wait it out, and have your clients schedule more frequent fills.

What CAN you do?


Cleanse Cleanse, Cleanse!

Expressing the importance of cleansing the lashes during this change. (Clients should always be cleansing their lashes, but right now it’s especially important not to forget or skip any days). Allergies are on the increase during this time which can cause buildup in the lashes. This buildup plus excess oil production is a surefire way straight to clogged hair follicles adding even stress to the lashes. While your clients may see more lashes shedding while they cleanse, let them know that this is completely normal, although heartbreaking.


Make sure to educate your clients on how normal this period is, and although it’s quite scary to find extra lashes falling out, that it’s nothing to be worried about. Though if this shedding occurs for more than a few weeks and your clients are showing continuous excessive loss, they may want to seek professional medical advice because there may be more going on.

Watch The Clock

Give yourself extra time for fills. Because there may be more lashes gone, make sure your clients are getting the full experience they pay for. Adding an extra ten minutes for each client shows your care about the quality of work and them personally. Happy clients are loyal clients!

Just breathe. It will be over soon and summer will be upon us!

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