Whether you’re new to Volume Lashing or have been doing it for a long time, occasionally we can struggle with achieving that perfect fan. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, changing things up can help you to increase your speed, and thus increase your revenue. The more clients you can fit in a day, the more money you make! So what can you do?


Adjust your Tools

A good pair of tweezers can last you years if you take care of them right, but sometimes a little change is needed. The industry is constantly fluctuating and new tools are being designed all the time that totally switch up what we know about lashing! One of the tools that’s taking the industry by storm is the curved or hook tweezer. This tool reduces wrist strain and gives a consistent, even grip on the fan.

Adjust your Techniques

By simply adjusting our technique we can often increase our speed. There are many ways to fan lashes and we can often become comfortable in what works for us. By trying out a new technique, we can sometimes find something that works even better! Whether you’re fanning directly from the strip, using a dot, or even fanning in between your fingers, there are countless techniques and by experimenting what works best for us.


Adjust your Grip

Wrist and finger strain is huge in the lashing industry. By switching the way you are holding you tweezers, you can not only save yourself some pain, but that minor adjustment can effect how you grab your fans and can actually improve the way you create them. Tension, finger placement, and wrist movement can all effect our creation of that elusive, perfect fan!



Little tweaks and changes are all excellent ways to be on the top of our lash game! Be sure to stay tuned for bi-monthly blog posts where we always share our latest tips, tricks and techniques with you!

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