While this might sound cliché, 2016 is a whole new ballgame for lash stylists. From new social media outlets to innovative tools and types of extensions, there is a lot to keep up with in the industry, but we have compiled this helpful list of three tips to remember that ensure your business stays up-to-date and profitable in the New Year.

Online Training

Achieving a certification is essential to keeping a steady flow of customers through your salon door, and there is no better way to do this than in the comfort of your own home. Instead of investing in expensive programs with add-on fees that require unnecessary travelling, check out our online training courses that will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the classic, volume, and brow extension business.


To help you accomplish this, here at Lash Blvd, we understand that finding the time and money to attend in-person training sessions can be difficult with busy schedules, so we now offer online training atLashlikeapro.com as an easy alternative for the avid lash stylist. This accessible option is great for dedicated, fast learners willing to commit a few hours a night to learning new techniques and enhancing their business with marketing tools.


But this course isn’t just for beginners. In addition to instruction on the key skills necessary for perfect eyelash extensions, we cover material that even seasoned professionals may not be familiar with and introduce brand new tools and products.

Social Media

Besides staying current on your own education, marketing your business to potential customers is equally as important. Social media is the key to advertising in the 21st century, and we recommend using at least two platforms— like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat. The first two are the easiest and most likely to reach your intended audience, and their ability to share pictures will help boost the visibility of your work and expertise.

How often should I post a status update?

Many professionals ask this question, and the simple answer is that there is a healthy balance. You don’t want to flood customer’s newsfeeds with unnecessary articles or promotions, but you also don’t want to post so little that people wonder whether you are still in business. Considering these factors, two to three times per week is best for most beauty salons. This allows customers to see what’s going on without being overwhelmed by the information.

What should I post?

Another essential ingredient to the social media “cocktail” is determining the best content to promote to your followers. We recommend a mix of promotions, completed work, articles on the industry, and simple updates on the business or announcements. Social media is a great way to share your weekly discounts or specials because they can be shared by customers with those who may not “like” or follow your page. If possible, always, always, always include a photo or sophisticated graphic along with your written content. As a general rule, colors and artwork are always more attention-grabbing than a few sentences.

Websites and Search Engine Optimization

In 2016, social media pages oftentimes aren’t enough to maintain a large client base, and as a result, we recommend building your own website to highlight your business in a professional manner. Eye-catching yet sophisticated websites will give clients the impression that you are a qualified, skilled eyelash technician, and there are many easy (and free!) website builders that use a point-and-click interface, so don’t worry, even the most unsavvy computer users can build a gorgeous webpage.

To boost your rankings in the search results, it is also important to include valuable content— like blog posts and keywords that emphasize your salon’s offerings. It is important to note though that SEO no longer just means stuffing a website full of keywords; instead, search engines are now oriented towards highlighting meaningful content on web pages instead of only certain phrases. It is not an exact science, so hiring an SEO consultant can also be a great idea if you’re having trouble reaching that coveted #1 spot.

With the help of the above tips, we can’t wait to see what your lash website or social media page will look like. Make sure to check out our blog over the following weeks for more business tips that will keep you successful in the coming year.




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