Standing Your Ground as an Eyelash Artist


Lets face it, no matter how good you are, sometimes things just go wrong and a client won’t have great retention. They may have several lashes fall off within a few days, or they may habitually come in with minimal lashes remaining.

We don’t’ want to let our clients bully us, but sometimes we’re not always the right fit for someone. Here are some tips for how to handle a situation where, as tough as it may be, we have to “fire,” clients.

For whatever reason, sometimes a client’s expectations and what you can provide don’t line up. Maybe they are habitually and unapologetically late. Maybe they ignore your professional advice, etc. Whatever the circumstance is, it’s important to approach the situation professionally.


Remain Calm

First thing’s first, keep your cool. While we don’t want to scare you, sometimes things can get heated especially in times of tension and anger. Keep calm, and choose your words carefully. You don’t want to say anything to exacerbate the situation.


Keep Open, Honest Communication

           Never lie to a client. Never try to deceive to get your way. Not only can negativity find its way back to you, it’s flat out unprofessional. Simply saying “I don’t think we’re a good fit,” should get the point across.


Provide Alternatives

Don’t leave your clients in the dust. We’re all professionals, and all in this industry together. Referring your client to another artist who you feel can fit their needs more isn’t a bad thing. (Maybe let the artist know you’re sending someone their way!)


Set Clear Boundaries

This comes in two parts. The first being mostly preventative. If you have a client texting you at all hours of the night, for example, this can become toxic very quickly. If you can, don’t give out your personal number, and during communication, keep things very professional.

After you’ve parted ways with a client, you want to keep those boundaries firm. Don’t let them manipulate or bully you.

Be Prepared

Even with our best efforts to remain polite and professional, emotions can get high and clients can get hurt. Sometimes this can lead them to leave negative reviews. Sometimes despite all of our best efforts a pesky 1 star review can pop up. Respond to it professionally, and move on. Making sure to provide the best service you can to your remaining, loyal clientele.


It hurts, but sometimes it has to be done. Even with the best, most quality products, and exemplary service, we just don’t vibe well. Keep your chin up and keep slaying those lashes!

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