Secrets to Making Your Client’s Extensions Last Longer

Although you do want your clients to be repeat customers and schedule regular touch-ups and replacement extensions, it is vital to the success of your business that you are known for long-lasting, quality eyelash extensions. As a professional in the industry, you are much likelier to grow your client base by delivering a valuable product than by trying to increase profits with less than ideal extensions. So, in an effort to increase your client’s satisfaction, here are a few professional recommendations (both for you and your customers) that will increase the lifespan of eyelash extensions.

Lightness is Key

Even if your client opts for volume lashes, as a general rule, the lighter the better. Heavier or wider extensions may create a fuller effect, but they will fall out or peel much quicker due to their weight and could result in dissatisfaction. when doing volume lashes try not to go over 4D or reduce the dimension of your lash to .05 diameter. While the customer always comes first, make sure to explain the drawbacks in the durability of the lashes if they prefer fuller extensions to ensure they are well-versed on the pros and cons.

Lash Placement

Because the goal of any eyelash extension is to achieve a natural look, we want to make sure you know how to attain this as a professional in the industry. In terms of lash placement, this means attaching the extension to the side or below the natural lash. This technique encourages the extension to follow the curvature of your client’s natural lashes and is also a more secure method of attachment. If you want to become more familiar with lash placement, make sure to check out our training videos.

Cleansing Kits

If you’ve been following the business training videos at Lash Blvd, you have probably  noticed that our site offers its own line of products. Likewise, we encourage salon owners or other eyelash extension professionals to follow our lead and begin promoting their own favorite items for sale themselves. A great product to start this with is a cleansing kit that ensures clients retain their extensions for as long as possible.

To introduce this to your salon offerings, consider creating a “packaged deal” where a client receives a free kit with any eyelash extension purchase. This will not only allow clients to test your go-to treatments, but it will also guarantee they get the most out of their current setting.

 Nano Misters

To optimize your client’s rate of eyelash extension retention, we also recommend using ananomister to complete your application and effectively cure the adhesive. Not only will this allow the glue to dry almost immediately, but you will also be rehydrating your client’s lashes and reduce the possibility of irritation. A fine mist is all it takes to finish the job!

When in Doubt, Comb them Out

While we don’t advise constantly curling or separating one’s extensions, it is important to stress to your clients that (in the mornings especially) they should use a spoolie wand when necessary to prevent clumps, knots, or an unnatural look. Proper upkeep can prevent the extensions from falling out prematurely and will keep your clients happy with their lasting appearance. This product could even be offered in a package with other products, like the cleansing kit mentioned above, as an incentive for new customers to try your salon.

Besides the steps above, to further the knowledge of your clientele on making their extensions last as long as possible, it can also be a good idea to create a small pamphlet or brochure on the “simple steps to eyelash extension success”— or on a similar idea. These topics can range from basic tips to specific cleaning instructions and will help your clients with at-home maintenance. This would also be a good place to discuss the harmful effects of mascara with your clients— since its application will negatively affect retention. If this sounds interesting, stay tuned to the Lash Blvd blog for an easy fill-in template to follow for guidance and inspiration that will make this marketing tactic quick, easy, and effective.



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