Whether you’re just starting to offer Volume eyelash extensions and experiencing the typical beginner’s lull, or you’re an established lash stylist simply looking for ways to attract more clients to your services, we’ve been there before! We want all of our fellow lash masterminds to be happy and do well in this fabulous industry, so here are a few pieces of advice to help you grow your business to where you want it:

Polish Your Skills

No marketing strategy will do you much good unless you have the skills to put your money where your mouth is. The single most important thing you can do to promote your Volume eyelash extensions service is to practice applying them obsessively, and even if you’re already established in your craft, stay up-to-date on all of the new advances and techniques making their way into the eyelash scene. Keeping your skills modern and sharp is the best way to stand out from your competitors, and remember, the most accomplished professionals are those who are always working towards being better at what they do.

Get Noticed Online

It’s 2015, and the internet is the main source of how users find products and services they’re interested in, and if you’re not taking advantage of online marketing, you’re cutting off the potential to dramatically expand your prospective clientele. There are a lot of aspects that go into magnifying your online presence, but here are the most essential factors to help you get started:

  • A website is the foundation of cultivating an alluring and beneficial online image, so make sure you have a site that looks modern, functions easily, and contains necessary information. You can almost guarantee your top competitors in the eyelash extension industry have put quite a bit of thought into designing their websites, so create one that you’ll be proud to show off.

  • Once you have your dream website built and launched, you’ll want to optimize it for search engines. The higher your website ranks in Google for terms related to the world of eyelash extensions, the more interested parties will be exposed to your website. There is lots of information online on basic SEO tactics, and you can always reach out to professionals if you really want to boost your position.

  • Social media is another fun, engaging way to promote your specials/discounts, connect with clients, and share industry information. Post before and after pictures of all of your eyelash applications (with each client’s permission, of course), so that you can demonstrate your skills to help get more clients in the door!

Show Off Your Master Lash Applications

As we mentioned before, utilizing various social media platforms is a great way to flaunt your talent, and if clients can see what you can do before they schedule an appointment, it can give them that extra boost of confidence that you’re the master lash artist they’ve been looking for. Don’t limit yourself to social media though; creating an interactive portfolio on your website, as well as having one available to view in your studio, is an excellent way to land even more sales.

Be a Friendly Volume Eyelash Extensions Genius

What this means is that new clients tend to have many questions they’d like answered, and the more well rounded you are in your knowledge of eyelash extensions, the more likely they will feel they made the right choice coming to you. Whether they’re inquiring about time frame, refill visits, or possible allergic reactions, answer all questions in a confident and friendly manner. It can be easy to get burnt-out addressing the same issues time and time again, but letting each client know that you value their individual concerns and questions goes a long way; don’t forget that success in any industry that deals with the public largely depends on having an approachable demeanor, and if a client has an enjoyable time during her application with you, she is much more likely to refer her friends.

Think Strategically About Who Your Target Volume Lash Customer Is

When it comes to attracting more clients, it helps to think far and wide about who your customer is and where she’s likely to see your marketing material. For Volume Lashes, there are many different directions you can consider, and cross-promoting with other  businesses your client might visit is an amazing way to spread your name around. For example, since Volume eyelash extensions are a part of the beauty industry, ask other business owners in the makeup, hair, and fitness fields if they’d be willing to hang up your fliers or keep a stack of your business cards around. In turn, you’ll do the same for them, and it’s an effective and completely free way to help each other’s businesses out.  

Getting more clients to invest in your Volume eyelash extensions basically comes down to creating quality applications, having an excellent customer service attitude, and utilizing both classic and creative marketing techniques. We hope this advice helps you draw in more customers so that your business can be successful, profitable, and most of all, enjoyable, and if you’re ever looking for more detailed industry information, check out oureyelash extension training programs!



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