Lash Extension Training Course

What to Look For in a Lash Extension Training Course


The world of eyelash extensions is rapidly growing, and because the demand for professional, quality lash stylists is so high, many individuals are starting to recognize the potential for financial gain that comes with getting trained and certified. While it can be a great way to inflate your income, your success starts with making sure you pick the right training program to develop your skills with. We happily provide quality lash extension training in Denver, CO, but if you’re not able to make it to us, here are some tips to help you find a worthwhile course.


Look for an Experienced, Reputable Trainer

A training course can only be effective if it’s taught by a reliable instructor, so do your research before you commit. Look for someone who has been certified in the beauty and lash industry for a while and has a positive reputation online; if it’s someone whose clients seem generally satisfied with the service provided, that can show the instructor is highly talented and knows how to make clients happy--two qualities that can help lead you to a successful business venture. On the other hand, if reviews seem to mostly gripe about the experience, it’s a good sign that you could pick a better teacher to learn from.


Ask About the Student Limit

Because the art of applying lash extensions requires an extreme attention to detail, you want to make sure you can get adequate feedback and advice from your instructor. If there are too many applicants in one class, you won’t get the quality attention you need to strengthen your skills, so check before you register to make sure there is a decent student cap.


Check Out the Options

The more training options the instructor provides, the more likely there is opportunity for you to find the right class and eventually move on to advance your skillset. If you’re just beginning, it’s important to make sure you can enter a starting course that covers all of the basics, but you should also think ahead; picking a provider that also offers advanced courses that go over complex techniques can open the door for you to have more success as a lash stylist. On a similar note, if you’re the type of person who learns better in a private environment, seek out personal one-on-one or online training alternatives.  


Ensure Adequate Resources Are Provided

Before you make your final decision on a class, take time to investigate what kind of resources are provided. Perfecting your craft with high quality tools and adhesives will help you achieve superior and flawless lashes, leading to happy clients who are more likely to return and refer your services to others. Also, verify if you will solely be using mannequins or if live models will be arranged. If they aren’t available, or if you’re working with an online course, find out if a friend or relative would be willing to let you practice on them. Mannequins can be a good base to start practicing from and improve your understanding of safety precautions, but getting coached on how to apply extensions to a real person is the only clear way to confirm that your progress is going in the right direction.


Want More Info on Our Training Courses?

If you’re looking for lash extension training in Denver, CO, take a glance at our web page or give us a call at 720-273-4453. We genuinely care about the success of each of our applicants and do our best to make sure they leave fully confident in their lash application abilities before they part ways with us.

*No matter where you’re getting your certification from, always inform yourself on your state’s requirements for getting licensed to work as a lash stylist.