Social media can either be the best friend or the worst enemy of a lash artist when you have a business or a brand with lots of views. When you choose to have an online presence, you set yourself up to critics of your products and services. Facing any criticism can be challenging. But I am here to show you how you can handle this situation. 

So why do people usually use negative reviews on social media and sites like Google and Yelp? There are various reasons, such as:  

● They are demanding an apology from the owner or the business in general.   

● They are asking for honesty and transparency in the policies of a company    

● They want a refund or some credit. 

Unfortunately, many factors can make an experience a bad one during a customer's visit.

It could be the unprofessional behavior of the lash artist, the quality of the work, or the longevity of the extensions.

It could even be a pricing issue. As a lash artist, your job is to ensure that every client is satisfied; however, that doesn't mean you will never receive any negative feedback. 

Today, we are here to guide you on the steps to take when you encounter a negative review or comment on social media. Read on to learn more! 

Respond to every review 

The way to show excellent customer service is by keeping your customer service a constant habit in your day-to-day practices.

How can you do this? Acknowledge and thank clients who leave you a good review and also those who leave a negative one.

This shows maturity and that you are aware of any issues and are taking steps to improve your business. 

Take the conversation offline

When you receive a terrible review, it's essential to take the initiative to find out what went wrong. Reach out to the customer to communicate and investigate the incident.  

Practice Damage control

Honest feedback is always good feedback. You can always redeem your business by offering your client a complimentary service to make amends as.

For your staff, it's important to brief them on the proper knowledge and training, so they don't make the same mistake in the future. 

So what if you are getting negative social media comments? 

When I say a negative social media comment, I mean responses that negatively reflect a review of your business that is either being posted directly to your page or is shared in the comments section of someone's page.

Social media will always be a popular way to promote your business.

With that in mind, there is a general understanding that companies should respond to consumers quickly and efficiently, and they should always follow this etiquette prompt:  

  1. Be respectful 
  2. Be succinct
  3. Be Apologetic in tone. 

Remember, sometimes you encounter a client that may not be 100% satisfied with your product or service in any business.

That's a given. Just take one step back from the situation, let it cool, come back, and always keep your professionalism. 




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