Just how waterproof are eyelash extensions?

Water Water every where but—oh no did my lash just fall off?!


One of the most common questions concerning eyelash extensions that you may get as a professional is “are they waterproof?” The answer may just be a little more complicated than the “you bet!” we’re telling our clients.


When we say lash extensions are waterproof we mean they’re probably going to stay on the natural lash pretty snugly during showers and when the client is washing them. Short periods of water exposure are not going to damage the lashes; in fact we should be encouraging our clients to gently wash their lashes daily! When they take a bath or shower, or happen to be outside during a rainstorm, the lash extensions may hold up, but what about the rest?



With summer coming your lash clients will likely be outside a lot more and may be taking trips to the beach and to lakes, etc. Constant moisture exposure can soften and weaken the lash adhesive. Although a little swimming is okay, too much can be a death sentence for those delicate little lashes. Another tricky and especially important thing to remember and remind your clients of, is exposure to bacteria. Large water sources are breeding grounds for bacteria, and those germs can build up and affect the lashes. Not only that, they can lead to eye infections! Things like pools and saunas or even steamers from frequent facials can cause the natural lashes to swell and shrink causing an insecure and brittle bond. There are many different things that can influence the longevity of eyelash extensions so just make sure to advise your clients to be cautious and have realistic expectations with the survival of their lashes during vacation and leisure time.



One more thing to consider is waterproof mascara. Your clients may assume that just because it says waterproof that it will protect the lashes if they use it over the extensions. Waterproof mascara, as you may or may not know, contains chemicals that are a deadly enemy to lash adhesive. It breaks down the bond and can cause the extension to come of prematurely.  Make sure that your clients aren’t even using waterproof mascara on their bottom lashes because even the act of the bottom lashes rubbing against the top can cause loss!

So what can you do to help? One of the single most important tools to ending your lash procedure is a Nano-Mister. Nano misters use an ultra fine stream of distilled water to seal the lashes. It’s kind of a contradiction though, right? We tell our clients not to get their lashes wet because it could affect the bond of the glue, but then we go in and use water to seal the lashes. Adhesives cure with exposure to hydrogen. Hydrogen is most abundant in the moisture (H2O), in the air so lashes cure over the course of 24-48 hours. The superfine mist allows the hydrogen to bond easier.  With the use of a Nanomister, that time is cut down dramatically to about 6-8 hours! This gives your clients so much more flexibility with their time and schedules. Nano misters are small, compact, easy to store, and available for purchase from Lash Blvd!