Has your eyelash extensions business been slow lately? Are you looking to expand but are worried whether or not your clients will continue returning for more lash extensions? Do you need a way to keep customers coming through your door?

While the above three questions may seem common among workers in any industry, if any of these apply to you, we have great news to help you out in the coming year. Implementing a customer loyalty or rewards program in your classic or volume eyelash extension application is one of the best ways to ensure consistent profits and repeat clients. If you’re interested in hearing more about creating this system, make sure to read the following helpful insights.

Determine the Benefits of Your Lash Reward Program

The first step in implementing a successful rewards program is planning the deals you will offer. Make sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you give clients a free touch-up? A free set of volume eyelash extensions?

  • Would you prefer to offer a discount once they complete the program’s requirements or will it be an ongoing membership benefit?

  • Are there levels to your program (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)?

  • How many appointments or touch-ups will clients need before they receive a reward?

The answers to these questions will, of course, differ from business to business, and the program that suits you best will depend on your services, prices, and clientele. If you’re not quite sure which loyalty program offers the best reward for both you and your clients, we have compiled a few samples:

  • Get 10 touch-ups to current eyelash extensions, and get the next one free.

  • If you track dollars spent instead of appointments made, offer a 20% discount on their next set of eyelash extensions after they have spent $500-$700 with you.

Start with a Punch Card

Budget friendly, easy-to-make, and convenient, punch cards are the perfect medium to start your loyalty program with. After designing a simple theme and color scheme, these can be printed either at home or at a local printing store depending on volume, and it is best if you purchase a unique punch from a craft or thrift store that your clients would have a hard time duplicating.

An insider tip to starting a punch card system is to offer newcomers to your program a card with one or two punches already completed. In some studies, this nearly doubled the likelihood of a customer returning to complete the rest of the loyalty program.

Other Alternatives

As an alternative to a punch card, you could keep track of how much money each customer spends at your business. While this may require a bit more enhanced recordkeeping, you should already have this information available and with an organized spreadsheet, it shouldn’t be a problem. This type of program works better for certain eyelash professionals because it allows them to offer certain discounts, like 10%, 20%, or 30% off, for every $100+ dollars spent.

What Qualifies?

Lastly, you will need to decide what qualifies for your points or punch card system. Will only touch-ups count towards a reward, or will new sets of extensions or add-on products qualify as well? The main consideration you need to make in this department is the amount of profit you make on each service. While touch-ups are mostly the cost of labor, new extensions require you to purchase complete sets of extensions and the percent profit you make may or may not make a rewards program for this service worthwhile.

In the end, the exact loyalty program that works for you is a personal preference, but we hope the following guide will help you ensure that your customers keep coming back!

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