Even when you love what you do, it's normal to experience burnout or a lack of motivation from time to time.

Burnout isn't always so fun at the moment. But the good news is, it doesn't have to last forever. Keep on reading to learn how you can stay motivated as a lash artist.

Mind a Mentor

I am an avid believer that everyone should find a mentor.

There is always more than one way to do something. 

It is just a matter of getting started. The people we spend time with have a huge impact on how we think and how we act. 

Mentors are there to cheer you on when the going gets tough and teach you new things. 

Take Breaks When You Need Them

We can only go so long without taking a break. I'll admit it, I have worked plenty of 12+ hour days. 

Although those days can be fun at the moment, the next day usually isn't so fun. The tiredness catches up with you, and all you want to do is sleep and do nothing.

When you run a business, there will always be those go-go-go days, and that's okay! It's all part of the journey. You just have to make an effort not to overwork yourself and listen to your body. 

If you're exhausted, don't be afraid to delegate what you can, so you can focus on the tasks only you can do. Trust me, you will feel so much better afterwards. 

Try New Things Once In A While

The lash industry is constantly changing, and there are always new things to learn. When you've been doing something for so long, sometimes it can be hard to imagine trying new things. Switching things up is what keeps you on your toes.

You can either learn new techniques from friends or invest in training.


We do have several training courses here at Lash BLVD - many of which can be completed from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.  Learn More

Take Risks

Think back to the last time you took a big risk. How did you feel before you got started? How did you feel throughout the process? And how did you feel afterwards?

We'd guess it was likely a combination of excitement and nerves. Being nervous isn't always a bad thing. In fact, it can be very motivating and give us the courage to try new things.

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