One of the essential parts of any lash appointment is consultation.

That way, you can gather an idea of what the client hopes to achieve with the service but also, as the last stylist, set reasonable expectations before applying any lash set, and it gives you a chance to manage expectations. 

In this post, we're going to share tips on making your initial client consultations for eyelash extensions unique.

You need to start with professionalism, a complete client profile and lash extension consent form, eye shape and lashes assessment followed by their desired look, an artist guide sheet, and ongoing consulting recommendations. 

To sum things up, the art of consultation is the first step toward a positive outcome and repeat business. And, every lash artist wants that. 

First Steps 

When discussing eyelash extensions with a client, be sure to walk through what their daily routine looks like and what precautions to take.

You should also provide aftercare instructions before the service.

This will set realistic expectations, help answer client questions, and allow you as the lash artist to create the perfect customized set for the client's face/eye shape, preferences, and lifestyle. 

Assess eye shape and natural lash style 

Next, determine if a client's eyes are proportionate, vast, or close-set.

Then you can determine then the eye shape of your client. Use the point of accentuation and mapping to correct any imperfections or differences in eye shapes or sets. 

After that, check for any damage in the lash line and be sure to take photos of your client's natural lashes for your record (these work great as a portfolio before and after photos, with consent). 

Discuss the best look for each client 

Explain the different curls, weights, and lengths used to achieve your client's desired look. This is also the time to educate clients on the importance of maintaining the health of their natural lashes.

This means that we shouldn't be applying the extensions any longer than their natural lash length plus two millimeters. 

Between asking the right questions and observing the client's natural lashes, you should be able to come up with a game plan and then be able to explain which lashes will work best for the client and why. 

Often your clients will come to the appointment with an idea of what they want but will be looking for a bit of guidance as well.

Remember, you are the lash expert; gather the information you need, and be confident in your decisions!

Here are some sample questions you could ask: 

Are you allergic to adhesives? Are you allergic to any medical tape or latex? 

This should be an obvious one. If your client has any serious allergies, then they are not a good candidate for eyelash extensions. 

Are your eyes usually sensitive to different glues and adhesives? 

This is important because If you've got sensitive eyes, you can still get eyelash extensions, but it depends on how sensitive they are.

If you simply can't handle anyone being near your eyes, then extensions are probably out of the question. However, if you're just mildly sensitive, then it could be okay.

Do you wear contacts or glasses? 

Wearing eyeglasses can limit the lash artist as to the length used.

Tell me about your lifestyle. Are you very active or more sedentary? 

An athletic or outdoorsy client might be looking for something more natural and with less hassle. The goal is for the lashes to look glamorous but natural.



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