How to Help Your Clients Preserve Their Volume Lashes

Keeping your clients excited and satisfied with their Volume Lashes plays a huge part in achieving longevity as a stylist, and the more helpful you can be in prolonging the life of their extensions, the more likely they will return to you personally as well as refer their family, friends, coworkers, etc. Ensuring a set of lashes stays in place for as long as possible depends on both the application process itself and with making sure your client has a solid understanding of how to best maintain the extensions at home. To help you out, here’s a bit of advice on how to effectively cover all of the bases:


Go Easy With the Glue

When applying Volume Lashes, remember that the extensions will bond better to the single natural lash if a small amount of glue is evenly applied rather than it being caked on. Using too much glue can leave you with a lot of work that needs to be redone as an excess amount can result in the eyelashes clumping and sticking together, and it can also ruin the “fan” effect that clients love so much.


Always Double Check Your Work

Before you finish the Volume Lashes application process by curing the adhesive with your nano mister, make sure to thoroughly double check your work and make any necessary corrections. This will help you see areas where the extensions are at a higher risk for falling out prematurely because they are not properly bonded to the natural lash, and giving one final inspection also verifies you have applied the extensions evenly and in a flattering way. To do this, start by smoothing the lashes out with a mascara wand to make sure they sit right and don’t clump together. Then, take your tweezers to gently sort through the extensions one by one (use a dentist mirror if necessary) and make sure they are firmly in place.


Provide Access to Aftercare Instructions

After your client walks out the door, it is up to them to look out after their extensions, and there are quite a few details that need to be discussed when addressing the aftercare instructions. Especially for those clients who are brand new to synthetic eyelashes, it can be a lot of information to digest at once, so provide them with ways to easily access the information if they need to refresh their memory; print them off a hard copy of the reminders, post the information on your website, or tell them to call or text you if they are unsure about something. The point is to make the maintenance needs as simple and convenient as possible so that your clients can get the most out of their investments.


Make Specific Recommendations

To really help your clients preserve their Volume Lashes, offer specific recommendations that will make the aftercare process more effective. The better you can plainly spell out the dos and don’ts, the less they will be left to guess about what works and what doesn’t. For example, instead of simply telling them to switch to water-based cosmetics, lotions, cleansers, etc., write them up a list of high quality brands and products that you know will get the job done, or if a client states that they have a hard time falling asleep on their back and are worried about agitating the extensions, suggest they purchase a specialty pillow designed to keep the head and neck in place. Remember, if your directions are clearly defined, there is significantly less room for error.


Explain the Importance of Refills

Even if your client is 100% dedicated to following your at-home advice, Volume Lashes still need to be replaced every two to three weeks in order to keep them looking full and authentic. When you finish the initial application, always ask your client if they would like to schedule a refill visit right then and there if they plan on keeping their look long-term. It’s also important to inform them  that if they wait too long, the refill visit may be more expensive, and likewise, if most of the extensions have fallen out by the time they book a follow-up appointment, they could end up paying for a full set. Anyway you slice it, it’s always easier, quicker, and more cost-effective to polish the look up rather than start from scratch.


In order to keep clients walking through your door, it’s important to provide flawless, beautiful results that don’t fall apart after only a couple days. You can’t control how a client treats their extensions after they leave you, but as long as you commit to slowly and skillfully applying the lashes, along with giving your client more than enough information to know what to do on their own, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done all you can to help their new eyelashes last.



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