Don’t be a know it all.
Sometimes the best thing that you can do to avoid the entrepreneur overwhelm is to understand that you don’t have to and can’t know it all. Being an entrepreneur is all about learning and being willing to learn. It’s a continual process. I realized this quickly with my first lash salon that I had to remain humble and always be willing to admit when I didn’t know how to do something and ask for help. That way, instead of struggling through a process, I could ask a mentor or find an online course that could walk me through the process with ease. You are not alone in your Lashpreneur journey. Don’t forget that.

Set realistic expectations for your work/life balance.
Let me warn you now, you are going to have to work some late nights and early mornings and probably some weekends if you really want your Lash Business to take off quickly. I didn’t understand this when I first opened my lash salon. I thought that I would immediately have this glorious life of having an easy-going morning routine and leaving the lash salon early every day. But of course this didn’t happen because I had to do all the late nights and early mornings because I could not afford to hire anyone at that time. So set realistic expectations that you are going to have to work crazy hours, but also set some boundaries to protect your family time. 

You have to make hard decisions.
I hate to say this, but it’s true. Sometimes, you are going to have to be the bad guy. You and only you as the beauty business owner should be making the firing and hiring decisions. I had to set some serious boundaries and expectations in my lash business. In order to reduce the tension around these hard decisions, I made my boundaries and expectations clear, so if anyone stepped outside of the boundaries or didn't meet expectations, they knew it before I even had to have a conversation with them. 

Failing is part of the process.
This is probably my favorite tip. As beauty business owners, we think that we have to succeed and have to succeed on the first time. But let me tell you. Being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry is a long journey and you will hit some bumps along the way. You are going to feel like a failure some days. But you must push on. Your lash business will flourish when you push through your failures and learn from them.

You can do anything you set your mind to.
You can become the Lashpreneur of your dreams. I’m not just saying that to make you feel good, I’m saying that because I believe it with my entire being and I am on a mission to make sure that you feel empowered to go after your lash dreams. Set goals that are just out of your reach, and start showing up in your beauty business career as the person that it would take to reach and be living those goals daily. 

What should you do when you do experience the Lashpreneur overwhelm?
Lean on your support system. Network and build a support system of like-minded lashpreneurs that have similar lash goals. It’s a great idea to have a support system to help you work through your struggles and then to help them work through theirs. But a better solution is to find a mentor that has achieved the lash goals that you are pushing towards. They will know what it takes and they can be the light at the end of the tunnel when you find yourself struggling. 

Being a Lashpreneur is an amazing and rewarding experience. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

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