Having Trouble Getting Your Classic Eyelash Extensions to Last as Long as They Should? Ask Yourself These Questions to Find Out Why!

Learning how to expertly apply Classic eyelash extensions helps you to hone in on the foundation needed to perfect and expand your skillset so that you can move onto more advanced application techniques. However, it can be tricky getting the applications to last as long as they should. Don’t sweat it, though. Creating luscious lashes that last doesn’t have to be rocket science, and to help out, you can ask yourself the following questions to narrow down where you can make some beneficial changes.

Are you isolating each lash perfectly?

When it comes to lash longevity, isolation is a major contributing factor, so be very meticulous with each lash that you isolate. If you’re still feeling a little uneasy in your isolating abilities, practice on friends and family members in your spare time until the technique feels more natural. Also, always  remember that for clients who have lashes that are more difficult to work with, it helps to isolate the lash by grabbing it by the end instead of by the root.

Are you rushing the application along?

Keep in mind that clients would prefer that the application process takes a little bit longer if it means the results will look better, so go slow and be very detail-oriented; this will help your applications turn out seamless, and if you’re just starting to work with real clients, reassure yourself that speed will come in time.

On the other side of things, if you’re a lash stylist who has been at it for a while, you can be so used to applying extensions that you work too quickly and end up overlooking minor mistakes. It’s good to be fast at what you do to, but don’t forget the importance of being extremely thorough and precise as well.

Are you using too much adhesive?

Applying too much adhesive to the extensions is a big reason why synthetic eyelashes fall out prematurely, so remember that when it comes to glue, less is more. If you use too much, the glue doesn’t always set properly, resulting in the lashes sticking together and the extensions falling out early on. To keep this from happening, dip only the very end of the extension into the adhesive, and dab any excess off before you attempt to apply it to the natural lash.

Are you applying heavy extensions to baby lashes?

Another problem that you want to avoid is applying too heavy of an extension to a baby lash; a baby lash is a very short lash that is just in the beginning of its growth cycle. When a heavy extension (such as one larger than .15) is applied to this type of eyelash, it will either push the extension out as it grows, or it simply won’t be strong enough to support that size of extension for very long.

Are you properly cross-checking the lashes before sealing them?

When you’re almost done with your application, you always want to take time to thoroughly cross-check the lashes for errors before you cure the adhesive. Use your tweezers and a dental mirror to sort through the lashes to make sure none of the extensions are sticking together, and verify that the lashes are straight and facing a 90 degree angle from the eyelid. If there are errors that need to be fixed, you want to remove the extensions and apply new ones before the adhesive has fully set. Remember, flawless lashes last longer!

We hope these questions help you find what you need to make each of your applications flawless, gorgeous, and durable! If you’re interested in more detailed information on applying Classic eyelash extensions or on how to transform any of your skills, we offer manylash training programs that can benefit new and seasoned stylists alike!  You can also sign up to for our online training at Lashlikeapro.com 



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