Eyelash Extension Cleansing tips for the Savvy Lash Artist

It’s a pretty common sense idea, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t think about cleansing their lashes—or even worse, they don’t on purpose because they think it will affect the retention of their lashes! It’s up to us professionals to not only educate ourselves but our clients on proper lash cleansing techniques.

Why is cleansing the lashes so important?

We don’t just want to make sure that we have a clean slate on which to apply lashes, we want to make sure that we protect our client’s eye health and that they do the same for themselves. Cleansing the lashes prevents buildup of dirt and bacteria which can cause the lashes to shed a whole lot faster than if your client is washing them regularly.

Don’t cut corners

Make sure that you’re cleansing the lashes every time you do a lash service, whether or not it’s a fresh new full set or a fill! It’s important to cleanse your client’s lashes even if they don’t have any extensions on because you want to remove any makeup and debris, in addition to making sure you get rid of any excess oils that can interfere with the glue bonding to the lash! It’s imperative that even if your client comes in with clean lashes, that you cleanse them additionally. Oil can build up very quickly!

Cover all your bases

Clients that are particularly resilient to washing their lashes should be informed on the risks of not maintaining proper lash hygiene. Not cleansing the lashes doesn’t just interfere with retention of the extensions; it can cause irritations, infections, and a higher chance of developing allergies!


The Dirty Details

When cleansing the lashes, we recommend using a foam pump bottle like the ones we have available at lashblvd.com. This creates a fine foam that you can use on your clients lashes. The foam disperses the soap so that it is easier to remove from the lashes. Concentrated soap can often stay on the lashes and the pads and can lead to irritation and retention problems.

We then like to, in gentle downward and outward strokes, using our cleansing brushes (Also available on our website) to work dirt, oil and debris off of the lashes. Using a brush instead of micro-swabs is ideal, because it is able to get a lot more area and get in between lashes a lot easier. Micro-swabs are great for removing lashes when doing a full removal, but they get dirty very quickly and take a lot of time to cleanse the lashes—especially if your clients like to wear a lot of makeup!

Always avoid cotton swabs and pads. Not only can these snag existing lash extensions and cause your client discomfort, but they can leave lint on their lashes which can react with the glue and cause burns to your client! We recommend that clients don’t use cotton swabs at home either. Recommend that they use a (clean) makeup brush as well!

Be sure to check outthese tips on how to make your own cleanser to be used in a foam pump bottle! It’s a great and inexpensive option to use for your own business, but also to recommend to clients for use at home!



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