After you complete your eyebrow extensions training and start establishing your clientele, you’ll find that the consultation is one of the most important parts in making sure each one of your clients has a happy experience doing business with you. It will help you determine if the customer can benefit from eyebrow extensions, understand what shape of brow to create, and effectively manage any expectations. To keep your consultations successful and informative, here are a few tips to help you out:

Ask Questions, Listen Carefully, and Provide Expert Advice

During the consultation with your client, always start out by asking what look she is going for, why she wants eyebrow extensions, etc. This will allow you to know what colors, shapes, and sizes of extensions you’ll be needing, and taking the time to actively listen to your client will help her to feel more relaxed and know that her vision matters. However, if a client is leaning towards a brow choice that would not flatter her eye/face shape, don’t be afraid to tactfully provide your expert opinion on what would look more favorable; remember, the better your client looks after leaving your office, the more likely she will return and recommend you to others.

Thoroughly Go Over the Consultation Form and Address Health Issues

It’s important to always make sure your client signs the consultation and liability and release forms before you start the application process. This will help you further narrow down how your client wants her eyebrows to look, and it will allow you to investigate if there are any allergies or health issues that could cause contraindications or other adverse reactions because of the glue, wax, extensions, etc. By signing the forms, your client will be agreeing to allow you to use these products, and this will help protect you legally if a client were to have a negative experience.

That being said, always take the time to go over the forms in detail with your client and answer any questions she may have; you want your client to fully understand what she is agreeing to, and discussing health problems beforehand can help you both figure out if going forward with the application could pose any risks or safety concerns. If there are any red flags, always advise your client to check with her doctor before getting the extensions.

Give an Accurate Description of the Process

The consultation is a great opportunity to inform your client on how the process works, how long it takes, etc.; the more knowledge your client has on what to expect, the better she can accurately plan her day around her eyebrow extension appointment, so explain the basics on what will happen and that most applications take between thirty and ninety minutes to complete.

Be Honest and Realistic

Your client will more likely be happy with your services if you set her straight from the start about what to anticipate with her new eyebrow extensions; let her know that, because a few eyebrow hairs will fall out each day, it’s best to come in for maintenance touch-ups every two weeks. Also, it’s important to help your clients who have very little to no natural brow hair understand that their extensions generally won’t last very long. The adhesive bonds stronger to hair than it does to skin, so for these clients, it might be better to advise them to get the extensions for a special event; continually keeping the look maintained would require many refill visits and a large chunk time, and failing to address this before the applications could result in your clients feeling upset later on.

When it comes to preparing your client for her new eyebrows, the consultation plays an invaluable role, so take your time, answer any and all questions, and always put the best interest of your client first. Hopefully this list gives you a good place to start, and if you’re looking for more in-depth eyebrow extensions training information or advice, get in touch with us today!  



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