Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably read a few mentions of the “At-Home Eyelash Extension Business” or “At-Home Salon,” so we wanted to elaborate on that idea today. The following article will work to introduce you to the concept and offer tips and tricks to start a home business for a budding entrepreneur like yourself.



The Cost Factor



Even if you already have an established salon at another physical location, exploring the option of operating from the comforts of home should be considered if you’re struggling with rent payments or want to increase your profits. In fact, cost is the #1 reason business-owners turn to an at-home salon.


In addition to being a cost-saving solution, starting your eyelash extension business at home first can be a great way to see if it is a profitable service (in your area) in the long run. Although there are a few legalities associated with opening it, the main overhead of renting or purchasing office space is completely removed.



Once you’ve decided to open a home eyelash extensions business, how do you decorate?




While this may vary depending on the size and layout of your home, most at-home salons use the living room as an office/waiting area with a smaller bedroom as the actual application room where you will be doing the bulk of your work. If you are in a two-story home, it is also a good idea to dedicate the majority of your downstairs to the business. This might mean knocking out a wall or two, but achieving the right ‘look’ is essential. Aside from selecting these rooms in your home, it is also important to decorate appropriately. This comes down to one word, professional.



Just because you are operating out of your home doesn’t mean customers should feel that they are getting their salon and eyelash needs in a makeshift bedroom. You should invest in furniture that reflects a sophisticated atmosphere and exudes your expertise. Although the upfront cost is a bit steep, you can lessen the blow by looking for discount or used furniture.



Is there anything you have to do legally?



The short answer is yes; you will have to investigate zoning laws in your county pertaining to businesses run from the home as well as apply for any permits, if necessary. Don’t let paperwork stop you though, most, if not all of these forms are easy to fill out, do not require the expertise of a lawyer, and can be accessed online. You may also find a clerk willing to help file these forms at your local courthouse or government office.






The last step in creating a truly successful at-home salon is advertising. Because you won’t be in a well-frequented physical location, this is especially important to getting customers (especially your first few) through the door. Make sure to check out last week’s blog post on business promotion to complete this vital aspect of owning an at-home salon.



If starting this at-home venture is something that caught your eye, stay tuned for a similarly themed blog on more in-depth salon decoration tips and ideas.



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