If you are thinking about becoming a Lash Artist, I’m sure you have googled this question.

Becoming a Lash Artist is an incredible career and beauty business opportunity, but what all do you HAVE to do in order to get started? We’re going to answer and walk you through the question: Do you have to be licensed to be a Lash Artist?

The quick answer to this question is YES.

In nearly all states in the US you must have a license  in order to be a Lash Artist. Most states require eyelash technicians to be a medical professional, licensed barber, cosmetologist, or esthetician. Some states do offer an eyelash technician license, but if your state doesn’t, you’ll have to choose between cosmetology or esthetics. 

State laws can be tricky so Lash BLVD has done a little research for you.Every state has varying laws regarding eyelash extension applications (here are some state links to start your research). Some states require esthetician or cosmetologist licenses to apply eyelash extensions. You must do your own research and check your local laws to stay up to date, as they can change often.Keep in mind this is in no way legal advice and you’ll have to do your own research and fact checking.

Having a license to be a Lash Artist is going to immediately set you apart from the other eyelash technicians, estheticians, and beauticians that are in the market. You can use your license as a marketing tool, to build trust with your potential clients, and bring more clients through your door. A simple picture of you with your license or adding your license to your Facebook page or Instagram profile can and will make a difference.

Having your license to be a Lash Artist is also going to protect you because you are going to be more knowledgeable and have all the tools that you need. The more knowledge and tools that you have, the less likely that you will make mistakes and put yourself in the way of legal action. Here is a list of some of the topics that you will learn while getting your license or taking a lash training program.

  • Diseases of the eye (Infectious and contagious)
  • Proper sanitation practices
  • Allergic reactions
  • Health and safety practices
  • Client preparation

The risk of legal action decreases significantly when you are operating your Lash Business with a License that has given you the education and information that you need to practice safe and ethically. Although it may seem like a pain, getting your license is going to help you and your business. 

So stop waiting and start doing what it takes to be a Lash Artist, you’ll never regret it. Lash BLVD has a free training to help you.

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