Fall is here! Cold weather means less outdoor activity, which means less need for makeup!  Eyelash extensions are a perfect option for the Active, skier, hiker, snowboarder.  Denver Colorado woman! Wake up and go with a natural, effortless set of eyelash extensions to your winter activities!

What are Eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions are single synthetic hairs applied directly to your natural eyelashes. They grow out as your real lashes grow out and add thickness, curl and length without the hassle of mascara.  Wake up and go with sweat proof, life-proof, glamorous lash extensions!

What to expect from your lash appointment

You’ll be lying down for about two hours during your initial appointment, so make sure to go easy on any liquids before your appointment. Caffeine can also cause your eyes to twitch, which can make the eyelash extensions difficult to apply.

Our Lash Geniuses at our Lash BLVD Denver store will then apply an expertly and custom designed set of lashes to your real hair, not to your skin! No pain, whatsoever!

So then what?

Once your appointment is complete, you’ll have a new, glamorous set of eyelash extensions! It doesn’t end there. You’ll need to avoid using oily products and rubbing or pulling the extensions, and we definitely want you washing them with a gentle cleanser like baby shampoo. After the initial 24 hours that it takes for the lashes to fully dry, you’re free to swim, dance, skydive, whatever!

We do recommend coming in every 2-3 weeks however to maintain the fullness and glamour. Because we apply only one lash to one of your real lashes, as your natural hair grows out, the lashes go with them. When you come in for a “lash fill,” we replace the grown out lashes with fresh new ones!

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