With so many options for tweezers out there, it can often be difficult to decide what the best fit for your lash extension appointments may be. Here are a few handy tips to help narrow things down a bit, and to keep things simple!

First thing’s first:

While it all comes down to preference, many lash artists prefer a slightly curved tweezer for isolation. The slight curve works with the curve of the client’s eye shape and allows for a closer and more thorough isolation. Using a straight tweezer for isolation can sometimes cause strain on the wrists, or pressure points on the gel pads.

Why we love the L curve:

When doing volume extensions, most people will hold their tweezers underhand, keeping the L of the L curved tweezers parallel to the base of the lashes. We love this technique not just for Volume, but also for classic! It’s a multidimensional tool that we use for everything. L curve tweezers have superior grip, with a much wider “sweet spot”. Sometimes when using straight tweezers, it’s hard to find that sweet spot.  Check out our L tweezers by clicking here

Working with Tight Corners:

One of our best kept secrets is the use of the L curve tweezers for getting those hard to reach corners of the lashes. because of the underhand holding technique, this allows for much more flexibility and the capability of reaching areas that might normally be more difficult.

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