Being a lash artist can be a gratifying career. Helping women look more beautiful while earning a living is such a blessing!

But sometimes, all the hard work can take its toll on a person, both mentally and physically. I've been doing lashes for more than seven years, and I'm here to give you some self-care tips to keep you sane and relaxed. 

Use Proper Tweezers

Lash Extensions Tweezer Set of 2

Be sure to use angled or curved tweezers to isolate your lash. This is a best practice for avoiding strain on your wrists and preventing long-term use injuries. Currently, we have the best tweezers to help you start in your lash career. 

Use proper pillows 

Clients are not all shaped the same. Make sure you have different shapes and sizes of pillows to be sure you can make the client comfortable and get them to a height and angle that is comfortable for your arms, shoulders, and wrists.

Choose a high quality adjustable light 

Make sure you can quickly move and adjust your light. Being able to see the intricate detail is crucial. Take good care of yourself and happy lashing! 

Stretch it out 

It's essential to take time before, during, and after your sessions to engage in simple stretches of your wrists, forearms, neck, and shoulders. Many yoga teachers and massage therapists can offer great suggestions for you. 

Practice Some R&R

A lashing appointment is all about "me time." Breathe deeply and clear your head from all distractions. How can you do this?

Disconnecting from your devices and breaking away from daily life can be vital to your success as a lash artist. One of my favorite things to do for my clients is to create a safe place for them to come and relax.

You can help you and your lash artists relax with soft music and provide a comfy, heated table. 

Lashing is more than just applying for extensions; it's about creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your clients.

Socialize with Your Squad

Genuine human connection is so vital for our mental health. 

The support that comes with friendship can feed your soul—and it's not uncommon to find a faithful companion in your favorite lash tech.

You'll build a connection, trust, and comfort with each appointment. The entire salon can become your local hangout and social outlet, a place where you can relax and chat while also getting pampered.  

Elevate Your Confidence in what you do 

Lash extensions can instantly make you feel young and fresh. Our eyelashes naturally thin and lose luster, length, and fullness as we age.

Extensions can help open up our eyes to look more bright-eyed and fresh, giving us that excellent glam factor without much effort.

My favorite part about lashing and my online training is when the client is amazed at the art we have created for them. Once lashed up, the world becomes your runway. 

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