As we’ve talked about before on our blog, applying Volume eyelash extensions takes hours in most cases, so that’s why it’s extremely important to do what you can to make the experience enjoyable for your client as well as minimize anything that causes discomfort. Because you’re working with chemicals around the eye area, the most common irritant during lash applications is eye irritation from the adhesive’s fumes. Luckily, you can reduce this annoyance for your clients by utilizing the following tips:



Make Sure Your Clients Keep Their Eyes Shut


You always want to make it extremely clear to your clients that they need to keep their eyes completely closed throughout the entire application process. Even if they only slightly peek through, the fumes could enter their eyes, causing them to sting and water. This is both uncomfortable for the client to deal with and a setback for the application process, as moisture from their eyes watering can cause the bonding from the adhesive to weaken.


Create Ventilation When Possible


Considering how long it takes to apply Volume lashes, the last place you want your client to be stuck in is a stuffy room. To ease the intensity of the fumes, create ventilation wherever possible. Get a fan blowing and, if possible, open any windows; the better your air circulation is, the easier the fumes will quickly clear away.


Place the Extensions .5mm Away From the Eyelids


The closer the adhesive gets to the skin and the eyes, the more likely the fumes will bother the client, so you always want to make sure that you’re applying the extensions at least .5mm away from the eyelids. This minimizes irritation while allowing more than enough space for the extensions to firmly bond with the natural hairs.  


Use Less Glue


Applying too much adhesive doesn’t only make your extensions clump together and fall out prematurely, but doing this also can increase the chance of your client experiencing more irritation from the fumes. It’s pretty simple when you think about it; the more glue that you use means more fumes are put off, so for better results all around, go easy on the amount of adhesive that you use.


Reduce the Fumes With a Nano Mister


The quicker that the adhesive cures, the faster the fumes will disperse, minimizing the risk of any eye strain for your clients. While it used to take nearly a whole day for the adhesive to fully set and cure, using a nano mister will get the job done in about thirty seconds! The gentle mist allows your clients to open their eyes without being startled with strong, harsh fumes.


Use an Adhesive Designed For Sensitivities


If you’ve used all of the above advice and a client still complains of eye irritation, you may want to suggest a sensitive-style glue. While these typically don’t dry as fast or provide as long-lasting of results as fast-dry adhesives, they are made up of a formula designed to cater to those clients who are especially sensitive to the fumes from the other types of eyelash glues.

We hope this advice helps you provide a smooth, relaxing, and stress-free experience each time you apply Volume eyelash extensions (or any type of extensions, really). The more pleasant of a time a client has with you, the more likely they’ll turn to you every time they’re in need of expert lash services. If you want more helpful advice on how to become an eyelash mastermind, we offer manylash training optionsthat can help your career fully take off!



Side Note: Please keep in mind that common eye irritations differ from allergic reactions. Always inform yourself of signs and symptoms of allergies to protect your clients and your business.



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