As lash artists, the key to a long-lasting and fulfilling career is all about attracting and maintaining a loyal client base. If you're starting and don't have any training, check out our programs here.

We offer comprehensive education, hands-on training, and mentorship as you launch your lash artist career. 

But for now, let's talk about how you can effectively scale your business. Here are five tips that will help you always attract new clients into your business. 

Highlight your training

Think about your own past experiences booking services from a new company or visiting a new business for the first time.  If you have training in creating and applying eyelash extension styles, show that off on your website and social media accounts. 

Future customers will appreciate knowing that they're inexperienced and educated hands when they're in your lash room. 

Focus on branding

Your top-notch beauty skills won't be worth much without great branding behind them.

From your business name and design aesthetic to your website and online booking platform, every facet of your business should be chosen with your unique branding in mind.

Once you have a name and know where you'll be offering your services, it's time to get to work! Consistent, professional branding will show customers that you're a legitimate business worth their time and money. 

Branded websites and social media accounts can also help new customers find your eyelash extension business via the internet!

Establish an online presence for yourself on platforms like Google Business or your local business directories, and brainstorm about what potential customers might be searching for to find your business.

If you think people will be searching for the phrase "eyelash extensions" plus your location, build all of that into your website's text and any blog or social media posts you are sharing to give your business a search engine boost.

Tap into social media

It's one thing to create social media accounts for your new eyelash extension business, but it's another thing entirely to maintain those accounts and make them engaging for potential clients!

Make an impression on your future eyelash extension clients by regularly posting to social media and interacting with customers through the comment section or interactive features like polls. 

Not sure where to start? Check out our social media for our suggestions on how to build out the social media presence for your eyelash extension business!

Build positive client relationships

The work you do to build your brand and your online presence won't get you too far in your career if you cannot create a loyal customer base. As soon as a client comes in for an appointment, it's essential to make sure their experience is excellent! 

If a client has to wait before their appointment and you're working in a location that allows you some control over the waiting area, make it as comfortable as possible with comfy chairs or couches and magazines they can browse through. 

You can also offer some refreshments to clients to make them feel genuinely cared for before their appointment even officially begins.

Once the appointment begins, ask your client if they have any questions, walk them through what will happen during the work if it's their first time getting eyelash extensions, and build a rapport with them while applying for their extensions. 

You may have a talkative client who will want to chat about their life during their appointment or one who chooses to relax and zone out instead.

Figure out what kind of client you have and follow their lead when it comes to their comfort. If you do have a great conversation with your client, remember some details for the next time they stop in.

It's a simple way to show them that they're valued, both as eyelash extension clients and as a person. 

Be prepared for problem clients.

If you haven't encountered a troublesome eyelash extension client yet in your career, you more than likely will at some point. 

How you handle a problem client is just as important as the impression you make on great clients! If your client is unhappy with their eyelash extensions, how to address their concerns politely and steer the appointment back on track is vital. 

Lash artists should always stay calm and collected with someone who is having a negative experience. 

There's a chance that you may not realize anything went wrong with the appointment until you see a scathing review online later on.

Don't panic! If you choose to respond to negative online reviews, do so professionally and offer to talk to the client over the phone to address their concerns. 

Remember that even responses to reviews can add to your online presence, so be polite and do everything you can to show potential eyelash extension clients that you're a great artist to work with even if things go wrong.

With these tips on how to build lash clientele, you'll have the proper tools you'll need to establish your business, impress clients, and become a true lash boss!

Whether you're new to the lash industry or have been working for a while, make sure to check out our blog.

Our online shop is stocked with everything you need to run your business like a pro. We have eyelash extensions, training mannequin heads, practice lash strips, and so much more!  

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