Always Have Business Cards On Hand

When you meet someone at a casual or networking event it's common to exchange contact information. Of course, there's nothing wrong with exchanging phone numbers or emails. But the act of actually handing someone a business card adds a sense of professionalism and authority.

What Your Business Card Should Include...

  • Your full name.
  • A slogan and/or logo.
  • Your location 
  • What you do
  • Your email, phone number and social media. 

Email Your List Exclusive Updates

The vast majority of lash artists promote themselves on social media. Don't get us wrong. Social media is great! But it isn't always smart keeping all your eggs in one basket. Email subscribers and social media followers love being appreciated. Emailing your list coupons and/or exclusive updates is a great way to give back and remind them that you exist.

Host Contests On Social Media

Who doesn't love free stuff? I think we all do! Social media contests are a fantastic and low-cost way to increase followers and customers. You can either give away a free appointment, product or both. That one winner can potentially become a client for life and even refer their friends and family. 

Pitch Media

Although the idea of pitching can be scary, the truth is you have nothing to be afraid of. The media needs you just as much as you need them. Ideally, your best bet would be to pitch local magazines, bloggers, influencers or podcasters.

Thanks to social media and LinkedIn, finding email addresses is so much easier than you'd think.

Now onto the story. You can volunteer to write a guest post, provide their readership with an exclusive coupon code, or share some lash wisdom.

Your Turn:

Did you find this helpful? Do you have a friend looking to grow their lash business? If so, be sure to share this article with them! Happy Lashing.

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