When you have decided to work in the beauty industry, you’re used to seeing styles come and go quite rapidly. While many of these fads aren’t worth digging into very deeply, every now and then there comes a trend that sticks around and is worth investigating. Because eyelash extensions have proven to be such a strong and lucrative craze, it makes total sense that eyebrow extensions would eventually hit the market and take off as well. If you’re looking for a way to be in step with the current times, as well as help your business further succeed, here are a few reasons why taking an eyebrow extensions training course is a very smart idea:



Reason #1: You Will Be Able to Offer Your Clients One of the Hottest New Trends


If you’ve seen footage of the red carpet or walked by any fashion magazine covers lately, it should be no surprise to you that thin, ultra-tweezed eyebrows are a thing of the past; sporting thicker, bolder, and stronger eyebrows is the trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm, but unfortunately, many women who want this look don’t have the natural fullness to create it themselves. That’s why eyebrow extensions have become such an in-demand service. It gives women the opportunity to get the dramatic, modern look that they normally wouldn’t be able to achieve, and because of this, getting certified as a brow stylist will allow you to be able to stand out from competitors by providing clients with something new and luxurious.


Reason #2: You Will Likely Make a Larger Profit


By expanding the services you offer in order to be on the same page as current beauty trends, you’ll be able to book more appointments from your own clients who are interested in brow extensions, and you’ll also be able to lure in more clients whose current lash stylists don’t offer them. By booking more appointments from new and existing clients alike (this includes the initial applications as well as ongoing refills), you’ll increase the revenue you currently make with your business. Who doesn’t want that?  


Reason #3: The Skills Needed to Perfect Brow Applications Are Similar to Those Needed for Lash Styling


Another reason why taking an eyebrow extensions training course is a good idea is that, if you already know how to apply eyelash extensions, you have a great head start on mastering the skills needed to apply brow extensions, as many of the same techniques that are used in Volume or Classic applications can be applied to eyebrow services.


While there are some key differences, knowing how to isolate a natural hair, how to properly hold an extension with the tweezers, how to dip an extension into the glue, how to provide an effective consultation, etc. are all things that come into play with both lash and eyebrow applications. Especially if you have mastered the complex method of creating fans with Volume Lashes, learning how to work with eyebrow extensions should be a breeze!



To sum it up, taking an eyebrow extensions training course is a great way for you to be on the leading edge of the beauty industry, make more of a profit with your eyelash business, and utilize skills that you already have as a lash stylist. We offer both in-person and onlinebrow extension training, so if you’re eager to expand your skillset, don’t be afraid to get in touch with any questions! 

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