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Nothing frames the eyes, more beautifully than long fluttery eyelashes. But not everyone is born with naturally long, thick lashes. And on average, we lose 1 to 3 lashes a day. As we age, hair follicles (including lashes) stop producing. While mascara can accentuate what eyelashes we have, it can’t make them any longer.

Long lash envious are in luck. In the hands of a well-trained Lash Blvd. Eyelash extensions Specialist, using only top-of-the-line Lash Blvd. supplies, longer, voluminous eyelash extensions are well within reach in the Denver Metro area. Luscious lashes are the status symbol of today’s beauty icons. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Angelina Jolie aren’t the only ones demanding them. Runways and Red carpets’ hottest beauty secret is lash extensions.

Not all lash extensions are alike. Optimal results hinge on the best supplies and the most well-trained Lash Specialist. Lash Blvd.’s exceptionally high-quality, lash extensions are available in an array of curve shapes and thicknesses, allowing you to customize the look you want.  The result is a gorgeous set of long luxurious eyelashes, unique as each face. We now have our new location in Denver Lower Highlands area. 

Client Prep

It’s best for clients to arrive for their lash extension appointment freshly showered, make-up and contact lens free. For best results, it’s important for extensions to remain dry for 48 hours after application. This allows the lash glue to fully adhere. Clients should refrain from swimming, allowing a showerhead to blast them right in the face, getting facial treatments, touching or applying any pressure to the lashes for two full days.  If lashes do get wet, they should gently be pat dry with light pressure.


Service Menu for Eyelash Extensions Application In Denver

Best eyelash extension application in Dever Colorado

Full Set of Classic Lashes- $175

Half Set of Classic Lashes   - $125

Touch up Classic Lashes bi-weekly    - $75

Touch up Classic Lashes every three weeks - $85

Full Set of Volume Lashes   - $220

Half Set of Volume Lashes  - $175

Touch up Volume Lashes bi-weekly- $95

Touch up Volume Lashes every three weeks - $125

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