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If you’ve had the same business goal for a while with no advancement, you might stop to wonder what is holding you back.

It’s a good idea to examine your core self because it can help you hurdle over the plateau and advance you into the next steps of your eyelash extension career.

Even if you haven’t started your eyelash extension business, you’re going to want to examine yourself and your goals, so you can launch a successful biz.

You may be falling behind on your goals for many reasons, including:


Procrastinating Getting Started

This is a big one. You keep putting off doing what’s important, but there’s likely one or more things causing you to procrastinate. Read on to find out what that could be. Here’s a hint: it’s not laziness!


Doubting Yourself

If doubt crosses your mind often, it can easily become a roadblock to achieving your goals. In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”


Fearing the Future

Do you have fear of success or fear of failure? It’s good to recognize it, so you can face and conquer it. Try to break your goal into baby steps, rather than attempting to take giant leaps. Baby steps in the right direction will make it less scary and you’ll be getting closer to your goal before you know it.


Expecting Instant Results

Have you tried to do eyelash extensions and “failed” at it? Success won’t come overnight. You’ll probably need to do 30-40 sets of lashes before you even begin to feel comfortable.


Not Learning from Mistakes

Mistakes aren’t really failure if you’re learning from them. And to get better at anything, you’ll need to make mistakes as fast as you can. That means don’t hold back. Mistakes will happen. It’s just a matter of whether you’re learning from them.


Not Having a Good Support System

It helps to surround yourself with positive peers and role models in the Eyelash Extension Industry, especially if you’re not receiving a lot of encouragement from family and friends.

Lash BLVD’s own Facebook group is ever-growing, and it’s a fantastic way to make supportive friends and to help you get started with your eyelash extension business.

Join our Facebook group here: Eyelash Extension Specialists.

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