Do you feel that little pit in your stomach when you start thinking about “having” to make a retail sale. You immediately felt the moment that you would ask for the sale and the client would say no. Selling doesn’t have to feel like that. In fact, that uneasy feeling is almost like wishing a “no” into existence. 

Let’s talk about the 2 easiest ways to boost your sales and your selling confidence without having to go through any more pits in your stomach. 

Use what you are trying to sell during your clients appointment.

The best way to show your clients that your products are THE BEST and that they should want them and that they need them is to use them on your clients during their appointment. It’s like giving your clients a trial of your products. When you are applying your products, be sure to explain the pros of using your beauty products and the cons of not using your beauty products. 

When I am cleansing my clients lashes with the Oil Free Lash BLVD Lash Cleanser, I make sure to tell them that it’ssuper gentle and safe and that it helps remove build up and oils from the natural lashes, as well as balance the pH of the lashes for an ideal adhesive bond. Then I go on to tell them how the build up could have affected the lashes and lash retention if we hadn’t used the beauty product.

In their head, the client is already thinking that this product is amazing and it will make/keep their eyelash extensions looking great between appointments. In that moment, I have almost made a sale. All that is left to do is ask for the sale. 

Another great way to sell to your lash products is to hold your clients accountable. 

I know what you’re thinking, this does not have to be a tense conversation. If a client comes in with dirty lashes that I know have affected their retention, I let them know. I will show them how dirty their lashes were by taking a photo or showing them my dirty tools after finishing the cleanse. This simple step shows the client just how bad it was and how much it affected their retention since they did not use the aftercare products that I had recommended them at their last visit. You could also show them a picture of a client who had used the lash products that you had suggested and how much better their lashes looked at their next appointment. This is a great visual comparison that will help your client really see the difference.

Think of this kind of a conversation as a follow up to the importance of the aftercare products that you suggested and walked them through in that first appointment. This will show the client that you aren’t just throwing products at them to try and make sales. It will give them a sense that you truly care about their lashes and that you are suggesting these products so that they can have the best experience possible and not just to pad your pockets.

Sales don’t have to make you feel awkward and definitely don’t have to be hard. 

Both using the products during the appointment and holding your clients accountable are just two sales tactics that require little to no extra work during your lash appointments and it gives your products a chance to speak for themselves. 

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