Lashes, lashes, lashes- there are so many options for Lashes in Denver, how do you decide?  Let’s talk about the basics a bit first: Classic lashes are a when a single lash extension is applied to your natural lash. Volume lashes, sometimes referred to as “Russian volume,” “3D lashes,” etc, are when several thin lashes are applied to your single, natural lash. They are perfect for when you just don’t want to apply mascara in the mornings and want to wake up and go with a fresh-faced appearance.

So what is the difference between the two sets? Classic lashes tend to look more defined, sleek and “Natural,” being that they mimic your natural hair growth. They, as well as volume lashes, can be customized by length, width and curl. Classic lashes are great for the client who has a good amount of health natural lashes for the best overall appearance. They, when done with appropriate thickness elevate your look to the next level. Volume lashes are very versatile and can range all the way from delicate and wispy to full and glamorous. If you have tiny, fragile lashes, a very delicate set can be applied to give you more options.

At Lash Blvd our artists will give you a thorough consultation to help choose the best lashes for your overall lash health and your lifestyle to give you the lashes of your dreams.  Let us help you sit back, relax, and wake up gorgeous and ready to take on the world!

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