Gorgeous lashes are always goals, but we're talking about a different kind of goal today.

If you're looking to set some professional goals as a lash artist, here is how you can stay on track and focus on what's most beneficial throughout your journey. 

Here are the five goals that Lash BLVD suggests you make!

Stay fully stocked 

There's nothing worse than not having all the products that your client wants. This gives them a chance to find a lash artist who is more prepared than you. It's important to make sure that any products that you resell to your clients are kept in stock so they don't have to search elsewhere. 

Keep good clients

Staying in touch and having a good relationship with good, reliable clients will help you maintain and build up your clientele. Reward them for their loyalty, and offer them referral incentives.

You can also send out friendly reminders to all clients. Your time is valuable, and any last-minute cancellation can hurt your overall income.

These timely prompts will help them stay accountable and give you enough time to find a client to fill their spot.

Market yourself

You are marketing yourself in the hopes of building a large clientele. 

Besides creating social media profiles to showcase your work, other good marketing ideas are making your website aesthetically pleasing and accessible to your audience, passing out your business cards wherever you go, and wearing cute lash apparel!

You will be a walking, talking advertisement!

Invest to impress

Let's be real, finding the "cheapest" product on the market is not always the smartest idea.

Customers need to be able to trust the brand they are going with. Ensure that your company's products are made safely and responsibly.

Quality over quantity every time.

Never stop learning

Have you only been trained in Classic lash application? It might be time to set a goal to take a Volume or Hybrid course in the future to expand your skills.

Lash BLVD offers both beginner and refresher courses so you can continue your education and training.

The lash industry is constantly changing, so keeping up with the latest and greatest is a MUST!  


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