Let’s face it, sometimes lashing can be stressful! If you’re constantly overbooking yourself, if you’ve hit a lull, if you had three no-shows in a week—whatever it is! Life happens. We can love what we do to the moon and back, but sometimes life can throw a lot at us all at once. Taking time to take care of ourselves is a must. So what can you do to decompress?



A healthy body is a healthy mind.



Studies have shown time and time again that exercise helps defend against not only stress, but depression as well, and may be 80 times more effective than medication at not only treating anxiety and depression, but keeping it away for longer! Our bodies are incredible things and taking care of them pays off! Even just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can have incredible benefits.


Take “You” Time.


Even if it’s just for a few seconds take a moment out of your day to breathe! Take a deep breath, close your eyes and relax your muscles. This can help with getting yourself back on track and to get more focused. Once you’re home and have a little bit of time to relax, something like a soothing aromatic bath can do wonders. Take time to treat yourself. You’re so worth it!


Stretch it out!

Lashing can take a major toll on our bodies. Taking frequent breaks to just stretch our bodies can release the tension that builds up throughout the day. Short stretches in the morning and before bed can not only prepare us in the morning for the rest of the day, but also help us wind down at night.


Look into things like Yoga and Meditation.


You don’t have to buy an expensive membership at a yoga studio, or pay someone for guided meditation to receive the benefits of these practices. There are tons of tutorials and guided training videos online. The value to both our mental and physical health is astounding and can help with releasing a lot of built up anxiety and tension.



Little Change, Big Effect!




Something as simple as moving your glue from your jade stone to a lash ring can greatly improve muscle strain (from moving back and forth), retention rate (because the glue doesn’t have time to dry in between,) and your speed. Our lash rings come in simple packs of 20and can be disposed of after each use. No need to constantly be removing glue from a jade stone! This makes using a fast-glue like our Pro Hold glue much easier because you can move directly from your hands to the lashes.

Thinking about your procedure and your process while lashing is important. We don’t want to get too comfortable in what we do. As professionals we should constantly be learning and working to improve ourselves. We should be assessing our technique and constantly be looking for products that can help us improve. Once we find something that works for us, it’s very easy to get complacent and stubborn. Investing in continuing education or even just researching new innovative products can help set us apart as professionals in these busy, always changing times!



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