Tips for lashing during Allergy Season

Ahhh, Spring is in the air—which means it's that time of year again! Itchy, watery eyes, oh my! Allergies are trouble enough on their own, but what do they mean for Lash artists? Allergies can lead to possible retention problems and increase the risk for reactions.


As lash professionals, we all know that itching, rubbing and pulling not only mean disaster for lash extensions, but also the natural lash that can come with them. In addition, clients may experience extra dryness, which has to be soothed with eye drops. They could also suffer from excessive watering—more catastrophe for lash retention. But never fear! Clients can live with allergies all the while maintaining the glamorous lashes they've grown to love!

Tips to ensure better lash retention with season allergies:


-Advise clients to utilize their seasonal antihistamine allergy medications before their appointments and throughout the length of wear. This will help safeguard against any additional irritation and allergies that goes along with already sensitive, distressed eyes.

Be Weary of Eye Drops

-The use of eye drops immediately after lash application can interfere with a complete bond of the lash extension. The excessive moisture does not allow the glue to dry properly. Let your clients know that they should carefully apply the drops and not to get them around the eye or on the lashes, but instead, directly onto the eye.

Dealing with Watery Eyes

-Allergies can also mean excessively watering eyes. While we may use a very fine mist of water to cure the lash adhesive with a nano-mister, as stated above, too much water will not allow the glue to cure. Inform your clients that using any kind of material that can snag, or pull on the lashes while wiping away moisture should be avoided. Cotton is an enemy. Materials like microfiber and silk

are great alternatives.

When Symptoms Won’t Quit

-If clients are still having particularly itchy eyes, let them know to use a cool, dampened, cloth compress in the above materials, and oil-free soothing creams around the eyes.

Do a sample Test!

-Always preform a sample test, even if the client has had no previous reactions. Better safe than sorry! Place a few lashes on your client before applying a full set of lashes. Allergies are progressive and can often be triggered by many things. If the client experiences any kind of itchiness, redness, swelling, etc. Lashes may not be in their future. Have them consult a physician that is an allergy specialist before continuing.

Remember, season allergies can serve a host of problems and can sometimes lead to more serious outcomes. The eyes are especially sensitive and susceptible during this time. Worst-case scenario, a break from lashes may be necessary for your client until their symptoms subside. It's better to err on the side of caution and ensure the safety and health of your clients. They may not like having to part with their lashes, or delay getting their first full set, but they will appreciate your honesty and care.



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