Eyelash Extensions and Skin Care in Denver

This Fall in Denver had been especially dry,so what can you do to combat the onslaught of dehydration?

A regular course of hydrating facials in addition to an excellent home care regime will get you set on the path for success as we head into the most drying months of the year. With heating systems coming on, and cold dry air, the skin tends to react by drying out, ESPECIALLY in dry Colorado.

If your skin feels tighter, dryer and more dehydrated, investing in a monthly hydrating facial system as well as super hydrating products like our Image Skincare Vital C line here at Lash Blvd Denver.

These products and services will be your best friend. Look for products that are high in Vitamin C and healthy, hydrating oils and extracts like rose and green tea and super hydrating hyaluronic acid. 

Mild exfoliation is also critical because you want to clear out any dead skin cells that are just sitting on the surface of your skin, dulling your radiance. It is however, important to remember not to over exfoliate. This paired with an illuminating oxygen treatment to infuse the skin with pure, refreshing, hydrating oxygen will plump the skin with incredible moisture. 

Now that we’re inside most of the time (Unless you’re one of our Colorado Ski bunnies!) it’s great to help yourself feel beautiful year round. Even something as simple as eyelash extension can take the stress away from having to put on makeup daily, and eliminate a large step in our daily routine.

Eyelash extensions in Denver, when well done, are a healthy way to enhance the natural lashes to give your eyes the custom designed pop of drama you’ve been looking for!

Wake up and go, ready to take on the day with a fresh set of beautiful lashes. Combined with an excellent skincare regimen, you’ll be ready to tackle the harshest winter head on! 

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