Being a lash artist is almost the same as being in any other business. There are certain things that you always need to closely watch.

Listen to feedback

Listening to customer feedback is very important in the lash business. Ever heard that the customer is always right? Sure you must have and that’s what you should always have in mind

when dealing with your customers. The fact that you are a professional doesn’t mean that you can’t get new ideas from your clients. Take time to listen to your customer’s feedback and act on them accordingly. Every feedback whether positive or negative should be taken as an opportunity to improve your services.

Often times is the bad lash retention is the problem

There’s no doubt that lash retention is a major issue in the lash industry. But how do you overcome the problem and prevent it from affecting your business?

First of all, you have to understand that most eyelash-retention problems are client-based. This might be as a result of allergies, touching, hormonal changes, certain medication or diet.

As a professional, you have to educate your clients on the same so that the blame doesn’t fall on you. Besides that, if you do your part as a professional lash artist there should be minimal eyelash retention issues

How professional are you?

This is also one of the reasons why you could probably be struggling to keep your lash clients. The way you treat your clients speaks volumes about your business. You should be as professional as possible especially when it comes to matters of communication. Make your clients understand that you are in a serious business by acting similarly.

Customer service

Customer service is a crucial part of any business. Have you ever gone to a store to purchase something and the attitude or treatment you got from the attendant made you feel like “I will never come to this store again”? That’s the same thing with your lash business. Ensure that you treat your clients with the utmost respect and never fail to thanks them. Besides that, you can decide to offer free services for your most loyal clients once in a while as a way of appreciating them and promoting your business.

Pre-book before your client leaves

Pre-booking has proved to be a great customer retention strategy for most business. Pre-booking simply means asking your clients for permission to book their next appointment before they leave.

The best way to achieve this is by explaining to your clients what pre-booking is, why it is important that they do it, how they should do it and how it will be evaluated to benefit them.


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