One can find so many reasons to become a lash artist! Over the past few years, the lash extensions industry has exploded in popularity.   

There's plenty of opportunities to find a new job as a lash artist, making good money, or even starting your own lash business.

As lash artists, we love having the ability to make a living doing something we love while having flexible schedules.

But these are not the only reasons to take the plunge into the world of lashing.

Read on for Lash Blvd's top 5 reasons to become a lash artist!

Flex your problem-solving skills 

As an artist, you'll be honing your conflict-solving skills every step of the way. You do this by paying attention to your clients' wants and needs.

Whether they want the illusion of bigger eyes, fuller-yet-natural lashes, or even slightly altered shapes, you're creating art — there's a reason we're called lash artists!

Help clients are their best selves

Most people will seek out professionals to help enhance their appearance, whether through new hair colors, makeovers, or new clothing. New hairstyles, makeup, or clothing.

They want to make a statement and express themselves.

One of the advantages of having extensions is that they subtly enhance their wearers' natural beauty. You spend a lot of time with each client during the consultation process.

This involves the type of look they want to achieve — whether full-on glam with volume extensions or a more natural look like wispy or classic. Extensions are a great way to boost confidence in your clients. 

Charge luxury prices for your work

Providing high-quality lash extensions is a luxury service and is, therefore, should be priced accordingly! You are doing quality work, so you deserve to be compensated fairly. 

A complete classic set can be priced anywhere from $150-$250. 

Volume sets are priced even higher. That's not including the monthly fills that most clients need to maintain their lashes.

These can cost anywhere from $50 for shorter sessions and over $100 for longer ones, depending on the lash artist. 

Increase/expand your existing client base

If you are already a cosmetologist or esthetician, mixing in additional services to your roster is a great way to market yourself as a one-stop shop for your new and existing clients.

An esthetician at a spa, for example, can easily upsell her favorite facial clients on lash extensions.

Meanwhile, salons offer hair, makeup, and plenty of other services. You can add your expertise in lash extensions as part of wedding/bridal packages or any other special occasions.  



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