Hi my name is Karen Martiz. I am the owner of Lash BLVD and creator of Lash Like A Pro online training course. Today I am going to give you three tips that are going to help you achieve a perfect isolation.

Achieving the perfect isolation is very important during your application. This is what's going to help with your lash retention. This is also what is going to keep your customers coming back, and it's going to keep the health of your client's natural lashes in perfect conditions.

Tip #1 - Use The Right Set Of Tweezers 

As you know isolating tweezers need to be super sharp and pointy so that you can isolate those little lashes perfectly. It doesn't matter if they have a curve or if they're straight as long as you feel comfortable using them. But if you don't have the right tweezers, your application is going to be a lot harder and the isolation is not gonna be right. So I highly recommend either a curved tweezer, an angle tweezer, or a straight tweezer to isolate those lashes.

Tip #2 - Position Yourself Correctly

Bring your client as close as possible to you, at about mid-torso. You want to lean forward to see where the base of the lash is.

Tip #3 - Use The Right Gel Pads

Make sure you have the right gel pads that are flexible, that attach correctly to the skin, and you're protecting those bottom lashes 100%. To achieve that, you also want to use lint-free medical tape so your tweezers don't get stuck.

As you know isolation is one of the most important parts of doing eyelash extensions and it's where most lash artists struggle with. By following these tips, you are already setting yourself apart.

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