The difference between a good lash artist and a great lash artist are just some simple steps that you want to take before you perform your lash application.

1. Take A Close Look At Your Customer's Eye Shape

This is one of the most important parts when it comes to styling.

If your customer's eyes are upward, I highly recommend that you go with something more like a cat eye or a kitty eye where the lashes go longer towards the end.

If your customer has an almond shape eye basically anything can go. Those eyes will be perfect with something where the lashes can be more round meaning longer in the middle or also a cat eye.

If your customer's eye go downwards then you might want to emphasize the darkness of the lash in the middle part of the eyes so they look more open.

You also want to take a really close look at your customer's natural lash and you might want to follow the natural growth of their lashes. It doesn't mean that you have to stick to that style but there is a reason why those lashes are growing the way they're growing. So, sometimes just making those lashes longer in the middle will be the best approach.

If your customer already knows what they want then by all means just follow what they want.

2. Keep Your Client's Lashes Healthy

As a lash artist, one of the most important things to keep our business growing and going is making sure that your customer's natural lashes are nice and healthy at all times.

As an expert, you know what it takes to keep your customer's natural lashes healthy, make the right recommendations, and never give them more weight than what the natural lashes can handle.

If your client has thick, long natural lashes, it means you can give them really long eyelash extensions but if your customer lashes are kind of thin and not very strong, you want to be very careful to not giving them something too heavy.

This is what is going to keep your business and your customers coming back for more.

3. Ask Your Clients The Right Questions

By asking the right questions during the consultation, you can help your clients make the right decisions on the length and thickness that you are going to give them.

Find out if the eyelash extensions are going to be used as a one-time event or if this is something your client wants to upkeep week after week.

The last thing you want is gives your client something that they want to remove. 

4. Understand Your Client's Lifestyle

If your customer has a very active lifestyle, you don't want to give them something too extravagant or heavy because the duration of the lashes are not going to be as long as you want.

Also, what type of job do they have? If they work in an office, they might not be looking for something extremely long or something that attracts too much attention.

If your customer wants lashes just so they look like they have mascara then you want to give them something more natural. But, if she's a makeup artist and wears a lot of makeup then you might want to give them a lot of eyelash extensions.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Explore Your Creativity

Use different curls, different thickness, and different lengths to customize your customer's look.

If you want to give something really full, I highly recommend that you choose something with more volume. Anything including: .07, .05, or .10 is recommended for volume. That's when you can give your customers multiple eyelash extensions per natural lash.

You can also go with classic lashes to give them a one by one extension per lash. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with and what your customer's needs are.

Each one of your customers are different and very unique, so why give them the same look? At the end of the day, our main goal as lash artists is to make them happy.


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