Keep Your Products Close: Make sure you have all of the following products close enough so you don't have to move around. The last thing you want to do is disturb your clients by having to stand up too often during your application. By having all the products close to you, it will also help you with your speed during your application.

1. Lash Cleaning Products

Cleanser: So very important, you need your cleanser. As you know, the cleanser will help you get rid of any build up or any oils that your clients might have on their lashes. I like to use a cleansing brush to cleanse my client's natural lashes. Foam cleansers are really easy to use. And you just have to put a little bit on the cleansing brush like this.

Primer: Also, we have the primer for eyelash extensions. This will help the natural lashes dry out, and also remove any excess build up.

Micro Swabs: I also like to have micro swabs available in case I need to clean those lashes a little bit more. Or, in case you have to remove an application and use a gel remover.

2. Lash Preparation Products

Gel Pads: You want lint-free gel pads to protect your client's skin and their bottom eyelashes. Lash BLVD gel pads are super flexible, and they attach really well to the skin.

Medical Tape: You also want to have lint-free medical tape. This tape will cover any of the bottom lashes that might be showing after you apply the gel pads. It also helps so that the gel pads don't move around when your client closes their eyes. 

3. Lash Application Products

Eyelash Extensions: I highly recommend you have at least three different sizes of eyelash extensions. I usually recommend the most popular sizes, which will be the .15 if you do classic lashes. I like to keep them on a C curl, anywhere between eight millimeter and 12 millimeter in length. But, always use a minimum of three sizes during your application.

Glue: Make sure your glue is always fully closed so it stays fresher longer. Shake really well before use - about 30 seconds before application.

Glue Rings: I highly recommend you use disposable glue rings.

Tweezers: I like to have a pair of straight tweezers and a pair of curved tweezers. Usually the curved tweezers are for isolation and the straight tweezers are for application. If you do the volume lashes, then you also want to have your volume tweezers handy.

Mascara Wands: You also want to have a couple of mascara wands available, and just leave them close to you so you can brush your client's lashes as you go.

4. Post Application Lash Products

Lash Correction Mirror: Once you are done with the application, you are going to need a lash correction mirror. You want to have an eyelashes extension correction mirror available to check if you need to troubleshoot any lashes before your customer opens up their eyes. I highly recommend you do this so it eliminates any discomfort when you're finishing up your work with your client.

Nano Mister: This is what will provide the moisture that you need so that your glue can dry and harden at the end of the application. It will help with your client's eyelash extension retention as well. Always check that your nano mister has water, and change it often.

Sealant: At the very end, always apply a little bit of sealant at the base of your client's eyelash extensions. This will help the glue stay longer and not break down as fast.

5. Get Started With An All-In-One Kit

This is a lot of products to keep in mind, which is why we have a small eyelash extension kit with everything you need for your eyelash extension application.

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