As a lash artist, the number one complaint that we hear from our clients is about eyelash extensions retention. It's one of the biggest problems we find in the industry.

So, we created this short video to provide some simple steps to help you improve your client's eyelash extension retention.


Step 1: Cleanse Lashes Thoroughly

Before you start your application, you want to make sure that you cleanse your client's natural lash 100%.

You want to use a very gentle, oil-free lash cleanser. The cleanser should help remove any extra oils or buildup that your clients might have.

If your client is wearing makeup right before they come to their lash appointment, make sure they remove their makeup completely.

Step 2: Prime To Perfection

Next, you want to prime the lashes.

Primers help remove any remaining buildup after you cleanse their natural lashes. Primers dry out the lash, making it ready to bond with the glue.

Step 3: Isolate Lashes With Precision

One of the most important things that you want to do to achieve a perfect eyelash extension retention is the isolation.

Isolation needs to be perfect. That means that when you're applying the eyelash extensions into the natural lash, only one lash needs to be separated.

Having the right tweezers for the perfect isolation is extremely important. You want tweezers that are extra sharp and pointy so you can isolate that lash perfectly.

You also want to make sure you have the right lighting so you can see the natural lash more easily.

Step 4: Use The Right Glue

Remember, when using eyelash extensions glue, you want to take in consideration your humidity level in your room. If the humidity is too high, that means that your glue is going to cure too fast, and that can affect the retention if your application is not fast enough.

Using glues that are too slow to dry can make the process extremely lengthy and risks the lashes being glued to one another.

The higher the humidity, the thicker the glue you want to find. The lower the humidity, the runnier the glue you want to purchase.

So, make sure when you're shopping for glues, you buy the right one for your humidity level and temperature.

Step 5: Dry Lashes Fully And Cure

You want to cure the lashes with a nanomister, which will harden the lashes with humidity, allowing the bond to be stronger.

After you use the nanomister, make sure to dry again. This will guarantee that the lashes are really dry before you finish your application.

Step 6: Client Self Care

After your full application, be sure to recommend products your clients can take home, such as sealants. Have your clients use sealants at least three times a week for better retention.

Also, remind your clients it's very important they continue to cleanse their lashes at home. This will prevent any excess oils from breaking down the glue.

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