When To Use Classic Eyelash Extensions 

Classic lashes are great for those clients who want to have a look that is more natural, something more like they have mascara on. When applying classic lash extensions, you want to apply one by one on your client's natural lashes. You never want to go anything longer than three millimeters of their natural lash.

When using classic eyelash extensions, I highly recommend you go for a classic lash that has more of a matte finish. You don't want your classic lashes to look too shiny, or almost like they're made out of plastic.

If your client has naturally full lashes, classic lashes could be a perfect fit for them.

When To Use Volume Eyelash Extensions.

Volume lashes are extra thin lashes. They almost look like feathers. With volume lashes, you can apply multiple lashes per natural lash, giving your client a more dramatic look. It all depends what your client wants.

With volume lashes, the application can be a little more complicated because you are customizing each volume fan as you are applying the extensions to your client's natural lashes.

When applying volume lashes, it's very important to take in consideration your client's natural lashes' thickness and strength. Based on that, you can make recommendations on how many volume lashes you want to apply per natural lash.

On a thicker lash, you can apply anything up to 10 lashes per lash. Volume lashes can be found on anywhere from .03 in weight all the way to .10. The higher the number, the heavier the lash. So where you're applying a mega volume on your clients, remember to always start with the .03 which is the lightest weight.

When not sure about what weight you want to give your clients, always play it safe. Give your clients no more than 3D, or 4D, meaning three lashes or four lashes per natural lash.

Should You Take Classic Or Volume Training?

If eyelash extensions is the main service you want to pursue in your beauty career, I highly recommend you get trained in both classic and volume eyelash extensions. This will allow you to give you more options to your clients and grow your clientele faster.

At Lash Blvd, we are an approved school by the Department of Education, and we offer live and online trainings where you can get your certifications. By getting the right eyelash extensions training, you will set yourself apart as a lash artist. This will allow you to grow your business and become more successful in the industry.

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