Here are four simple steps to run a successful lash business, without breaking the bank.

1. Go Through The Best Training Possible

Set yourself up for success by accessing the best training possible. Online training works really well for people who are already busy. You can access the training at any time, from anywhere.

Make sure you find a school that is approved by the Department of Education so your training is valid nationwide. At Lash BLVD we offer our approved Lash Like a Pro online training course which gives you unlimited access to all of our online training modules including classic and volume eyelash extension applications.

Lash BLVD is also an approved school by the Department of Education, so your online training is absolutely valid anywhere you go.

2. Get Started With A Kit

You don't need a lot of products or a lot of variety to get started.

Start with the most common eyelash extension sizes. Usually those will be anything between a eight millimeters to 12 millimeters in length. If you're starting with the classic eyelash extensions applications, I recommend that you start with a 0.15 in thickness.

The small kit should provide you with absolutely everything you need for at least your first 30 to 60 applications. This will really get you going with your eyelash extensions business and help you earn some initial income.

3. Add Products As Your Business Grows

Start by ordering different sizes of eyelash extensions, different tweezers, and see what works best for you. I recommend you do the same thing with the glues.

As you continue to get faster and better at your lash application, you might want to change those glues to something that dries a little bit faster.

4. Market Yourself On Social Media

Lastly, I recommend you so some organic marketing through social media. Instagram or Facebook can help you grow your business really fast. Make sure you're using the right hashtags and continue to post your work consistently.

Those are the four steps I recommend to get your business started. At Lash BLVD, we're here to empower you to succeed.

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