Offer Your Clients More Services In Addition To Lashes

As lash artists, we often feel that we are in such a specialized industry that we forget about all the other services we can also offer our clients. By offering other services, you will generate more income for your business and deliver more value to your customer. Your clients will love coming back to you, not just for lashes, but also for skin care, eyebrow styling, and more. 

Offer Lip Treatments

For example, you can incorporate a lip treatment during your lash application. You can actually do this service while you are applying eyelash extensions to your clients. There are some products, like collagen lip masks, or you can find products that will exfoliate your customer's lips.

You can do this as an add-on to your lash application. It will probably take you about two minutes to apply the mask and then you let it sit there for about 10 to 15 minutes.

This will increase your ticket price by about $10 to $15. So, if you're already charging about $55 for your 60 minute lash application and you add another $10 for the lip mask, you can now charge $65 to $70 for the same amount of time. 

Offer Facials

Here at Lash BLVD, we like to offer to our clients express facials.

Express facials are very short, usually about 20 minutes. You can set them up right before your lash application.

First, you'll want to cleanse your client's skin, exfoliate, and maybe add a little bit of oxygen for either an enzyme or a hydrating mask. This can increase your ticket price by another $50, and it only takes about 20 minutes to do. Then, you simply proceed with your eyelash extension service as normal.

Offer Useful Products

You also want to introduce your clients to some of your favorite complimentary products. For example, if you're doing skin care, you can offer a skin care line that you believe in and will continue to help your clients long after your services.

Picture this... You're done with an express facial that took you 20 minutes, you're taking your client through checkout, and you tell them, "Hey, by the way, if you want to maintain your skin care routine at home, I highly recommend these products."

We all need a skin care routine. Sometimes we're just not aware of them, and we don't know where to look. The worst thing that could happen is they can say, "No, thank you." But, at least you put it out there and tried to offer them something valuable.

In Summary

There are a lot of different ways you can increase your business revenue by offering complimentary products and services to your customers. Think outside the box. Come up with different ideas, fun specials, or bundle your services. This will help you grow your business!

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